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Casino Bonus 101: What to Know and What to Look Out For

In the battle between mobile casinos to get you to sign up and spend your money on their product, the casino bonus has become an important weapon. Just about every online casino you’ll come across offers some sort of bonus. There are the bonuses to keep you playing, like offering to match 100% of your bet, or offering an hour of free play. All of these incentives are great for online gamblers, and can be used to great effect. However, the casinos aren’t giving those bonuses out just for the public good. They’re giving them out because they want you to spend and bet more money. That’s their purpose, and that’s completely the casinos’ prerogative. As a player, you just have to know how best to use those bonuses to maximize your bankroll.


Bonus Types:

Casino bonuses can be confusing, especially for newer players. It can sometimes be hard to understand exactly what’s being offered, and how to claim prizes. Here are some of the most common bonuses you’ll see out there.

The Welcome Bonus – This is the one that most new players will come across, and for obvious reasons. They may also be called a “new player bonus” or a sign-up bonus, among other things. Usually they involve the casino matching a bet up to certain amount. So if the bonus is 100% up to $1000, then a player could have $2000 to enjoy the games.

The No-Deposit Bonus – These are bonuses to get people to try out a casino by offering essentially “free” money to play with, without having to commit any of your own. They will invariably also have restrictions on them, meaning you’ll end up having to bet your own money up to a certain amount to be able to claim the winnings from the initial offer.

Reload Bonuses – These bonuses are like loyalty programs. They are offered to regular players to ensure that they keep playing with that casino. Sometimesthey come in a form similar to welcome bonuses, and the amounts may differ depending on playing habits from the previous period.

VIP Bonuses – All casinos need high rollers, even online ones. These bonuses target those “whales” to encourage them to keep spending. These are usually extras like tickets to special events.


What To Watch Our For:

Is It a Cash Bonus or a Sticky Bonus?

You need to understand the difference between a cash bonus and a play bonus. Cash bonuses can be withdrawn as long as you’ve qualified for the wagering requirements. Simply, as soon as you’ve wagered whatever the required amount is, you can withdraw whatever money that’s remaining in your account. Even if you lose money with the bonus, you may end up making a profit if you’ve reached that requirement. If you get a bonus of $200, and lose $100, you can withdraw that remaining $100. There are a couple types of sticky bonuses. For the first type, you can use the bonus money to wager, but you can’t simply withdraw the bonus amount. You can only cash them out at time of withdrawing from the casino. So, if you are given $200 to play with, and you win $100, you’ll have $300 in your account available to wager. At this time, you can only cash out $100, though, and the $200 is no longer available. The $200 remains available to wager, however. The other type of sticky bonus is similar, but has a slight difference. Instead of the original bonus disappearing, it will stay in your account for future wagering, meaning you’ll have more chances to win with that bonus.

Do the Wagering Requirements Count For All Games?

Reaching those wagering requirements can be a bit tricky. Sometimes wagers only apply to certain games, and sometimes it’s not clear which one. There are many players who’ve wagered several times thinking they were going to reach that requirement, but then found out that none of those wagers qualified. This can be extremely frustrating, so make sure to pay attention to the conditions of the special bonus.

Is There a Time Limit?

There is often a clause with special bonuses that sets a time limit on when you can use the bonus. Usually it’s 7 days, but it can vary. If you don’t play on time, it’ll be gone. This means that you have to meet the requirements within that timeframe, not just use the bonus once. This can be difficult because it’s time-consuming to wager enough to meet the requirements. When you see a bonus offer, make sure that you’ll have the time to wager enough to meet the requirements.

Is There a Limit to How Much You Can Win?

Some special bonuses come with something called conversion limits.These are put in place specifically to limit the amount of cash you can make using bonus money. Very often this limit is set at 4 times the amount of the bonus. The casino is not about to let thousands of people get free money, so this is a technique they use to minimize their costs.

Is the Site Reputable?

A good way to lose money gambling, whether it’s online or in person, is betting with a disreputable party. For online gambling, the casino you choose should be licensed. If the site is licensed, it will be prominently displayed on the site’s homepage. Usually going with one of the ones you’ve heard of is your best bet. There are lesser-known sites that are perfectly legitimate, but if you’re unsure, go with a big one. You can also look up user reviews to get an idea of what past players are saying about a given casino.


What Type of Bonuses Are Offered?

There are several types of bonuses that are generally offered. For one, there are refer-a-friend bonuses, where both you and a new player that you’ve gotten to use the site will get a reward. There are also loyalty programs that offer bonuses to players who play regularly at a certain casino. Sometimes the bonus doesn’t come in the form of cash to wager. You could also be offered free spins for the slot machines, for instance. These are valuable since each spin costs money. You’re essentially getting free chances to win. So that’s everything you need to know to get started with Casino Bonuses. If there’s anything you don’t understand then most reputable sites have a customer service number to call that will answer any questions you may have.