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Review of Bally’s Beach Boys Slot Machine

The Beach Boys Slots is a 5-reel, 1024-way game from Bally Technologies. The Beach Boys were one of the defining musical acts of the Sixties. To the American public which adored the, the Beach Boys represented sunshine, surfing, bikini girls, and beach fun. Behind the scene, their world was a great deal more complicated, but the Wilson Brothers (and bandmates) continue to represent a simpler time to people of the Baby Boomer generation.

For gamblers who play The Beach Boys Slots, their gaming machine offers 5 progressives in one gaming experience. This game offers several Bally Technologies favorites, including the Cash Connection progressive jackpot and the U-Spin bonus mode.

Coin Denominations

The max coin bet on Beach Boys slots is the 400-coin wager. Easy-to-use buttons exist for bets of 40, 80, 120, 200, and 400 coins. Remember that the top progressive jackpot is only triggered when you make the max bet. If you want to play the big progressive, bet 400 coins. Though the Beach Boys Slots has a 5-tier progressive jackpot payout system, four of the jackpots are not tied to the max bet. Penny players can play Beach Boys slots and have a chance at a progressive slots win.

Progressive Jackpots

The system used includes both wide-area progressives (WAP) and near-area progressives (NAP). The wide area progressive jackpot is linked to more machines over a wider area, so the jackpot grows faster. This is a common feature you may have seen on other Bally Technologies games. While it’s a bit repetitive, it’s only found on multiple games because it’s popular with players and therefore successful for Bally.

Reel Symbols

Reel symbols on the Beach Boys slot machine include group and solo pictures of the band members. Several album covers are shown, including the one where the Beach Boys are collectively carrying a surfboard. One reel symbol shows the Beach Boys in some of their trademark clean-cut blue suits, though I can’t tell if the photo is from their appearance alongside Annette Funicello in “Monkey’s Uncle”, or if it’s from their Christmas Album (“Blue Christmas“), or if it’s from one of their appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show“. From Elvis to the Beatles to the Beach Boys, an appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show was a sign of success and mainstream acceptance in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Wild Symbols

In conventional mode, the wild symbol can land on any of the reels. During the bonus round, the wild appears on reels 2 and 4. The wilds activate the U-Spin feature.

Spin the Wheel with U-Spin

Gamblers are likely to be familiar with Bally’s U-Spin feature, which is found on a good number of its top game. This bonus feature allows a person to spin a simulated wheel with touchscreen technology. The results include large cash prizes up to 7500 coins, 10 free games (spins), or other Beach Boys-themed bonus events.

Beach Boys Songs

Beach Boys Slots features give classic songs: “California Girls”, “Fun Fun Fun”, “I Get Around”, “Little Deuce Coupe”, and “Dance Dance Dance”. These are from the early years, because Brian Wilson began to experiment with the band’s sound.

The Beach Boys songs are presented using the Integrated Pro Series surround-sound chair, which is used by Bally for all of its deluxe games. This provides the best sound quality for the songs and effects Bally Technologies has to offer. It’s also the most comfortable way to play slots in most casinos. If you’ve played on the NASCAR or Magic of David Copperfield games, then you’ll recognize the surround-sound chair. The Beach Boys gaming machine is the Alpha 2 Pro V22/22 upright wheel cabinet, which is a premier Bally Tech game cabinet.

I would have liked for the game to contain a few other tunes. I see no reason why Bally Technologies couldn’t have includes classics like “Surfin’ USA” “Good Vibrations”, “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”, and “Barbara Ann”, but the songs chosen are good ones. I guess a band as prolific as the Beach Boys is always going to have hits that don’t make it on their licensed game.

The Beach Boys Theme

The Beach Boys are one of America’s most loved bands, a symbol of a bygone era when the United States was a little more innocent (or at least seemed to be). The original Beach Boys were comprised of the Wilson Brothers (Brian, Dennis, and Carl), their cousin Mike Love, and Al Jardine. When they burst on the scene in 1962 and 1963, the Beach Boys defined the “California Sound” of the 1960’s. The band came to widespread attention in the United States in the spring of 1963, when their second album, Surfin’ USA, became a big hit. In the months before the Kennedy Assassination (November 1963), the surfing craze swept the nation and the Beach Boys (along with friends, Jan & Dean) were at the heart of that craze.

After the Kennedy Assassination, life in America began to change. As the Vietnam War escalated in 1965 and the counter-culture movement got going in the late-Sixties, many saw the Beach Boys as a quaint reminder of a happier time. But beneath the happy sounds of the Sun and surf of California, the Beach Boys were producing legendary albums. Look at any list of the greatest albums in rock-and-roll history and he 1966 “Pet Sounds” makes the Top 5–it’s often listed at #2 or #3 behind only Beatles albums of the same era, like Sgt. Pepper’s and The White Album. Some music historians have written about the almost-symphonic layering of the songs on Pet Sounds, which was produced almost wholly through the genius of Brian Wilson.

Brian Wilson – Tortured Genius

Behind the cheery sounds of Beach Boys songs was a tortured genius. “Pet Sounds” is considered by many to be a Brian Wilson solo project. Despite the critical acclaim at the time and for generations after, the record executives failed to support it commercially and the album did not become a commercial success. This embittered Brian Wilson, and he began to work on an even more ambitious project.

At the time, the Beach Boys were friendly rivals with the Beatles, who themselves were working on groundbreaking albums at the time. For instance, the Beatles eventually parodied “California Girls” with their song, “Back in the U.S.S.R.”. As Paul McCartney was writing the song, he was at a transcendental meditation retreat with Mike Love of the Beach Boys, who suggested he put references to Soviet women in the song. McCartney did and, along with a chorus which sounded like a Beach Boys song, did a terrific send-up of the California band.

Nervous Breakdown and Resurgence

The rivalry was not so fortunate for Brian Wilson, though. Wilson had been working on the Beach Boys’ next album, “Smile”, in 1967 and this was supposed to be a groundbreaking effort. All the songs were supposed to be musically and thematically linked. When he heard the Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”, it is said Wilson gave up his efforts to surpass the Beatles. Together with personal and outside pressure to complete “Smile”, clashes with Capitol Records, and his use of LSD, Brian Wilson had a nervous breakdown. “Smile” went on to become the most legendary unreleased album in rock history. Though the story about Sgt. Pepper’s helping to cause his collapse might have been fiction, it became part of rock legend. Brian Wilson is said to have become a recluse, not leaving his house for perhaps an entire year.

The Beach Boys continued to produce albums, though it was more of a democratic effort after 1966. They would have a resurgence in the 1980’s, when their song “Kokomo” became a big hit. “Kokomo” was on the soundtrack of the Tom Cruise hit movie, “Cocktail”. The Beach Boys remain a major part of American pop culture, and their songs should make any slots player smile and tap their foot a bit. Anyone who lived through the 1960’s should enjoy Beach Boys Slots.

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