Cash Spin Jackpot

Cash Spin Slots is a 5-reel, 243 ways-to-win slot machine from Bally Technologies. Cash Spin offers several bonus events, including the U-Spin bonus game and the Moneybags bonus game. Cash Spin Slots also has a wild feature. Players don’t have to play the max payline on Cash Spin, like they would so many other games. That’s because it uses the “243 ways” game mechanic, instead of winning lines.

Cash Spin Reel Symbols

The reel symbols on Cash Spin are pretty basic. The biggest part of the icons are either card ranks or gems. The gem symbols include rubies, emeralds, and diamonds. The card ranks are the ace, king, queen, jack, ten, and nine cards. These are decorated with symbols of royalty, because (most of) these are the cards used in the royal flush. The ace is encrusted with a ruby. The king is topped with a golden crown.

The jack is shown with the fleur-de-lis, the stylized lily symbol which was the symbol of the House of Bourbon, which ruled France from the 16th to the late-18th century (and reigned in the 19th century for a time). The House of Bourbon also ruled Spain and other parts of Europe in the 18th century, so the symbol can be found in several parts of Europe—though it’s synonymous with French culture. The fleur-de-lis these days is also used as a symbol for the Republic of France, as well as the New Orleans Saints NFL franchise.

Cash Spin Slots also has three other important reel symbols: the wild symbol, the U-Spin icon, and the moneybags icon. I’ll discuss each of these in greater detail in their own section, but these are the symbols you want to see the most. The other two symbols are self-explanatory, but the moneybags symbol is a bag of cash with a dollar sign. A dollar symbol is a world-famous symbol of cash, so a separate dollar symbol is included as an icon on the game, too.

Coin Denominations

The coin options on Cash Spin Slots are many. Players have the option to bet lower denominations like €0.01, €0.02, €0.03, €0.04, €0.05, €0.06, €0.07, €0.08, and €0.09. This machine departs from standard Bally Technologies options, because it does not allow €0.10 bets, but instead jumps to €0.20, €0.40, €0.60, €0.80, and finally €1.00 bets.

Once you get into the full Euro betting range, you’ll have the option to wager €2.00, €4.00, and €8.00. The 8-Euro bet tops out the betting. With 40 credits as the max credit option, the max bet on Cash Spin is €320.00. Therefore, players have the option of betting as low as €0.01 or as high as 320 Euros. Cash Spin isn’t a top end option for high rollers, but the bets range high enough to keep most gamblers interested.

243 Ways to Win

One thing to remember is Cash Spin is a game which doesn’t offer paylines, but instead offers 243 ways to win. This was an innovation from a few years ago that is found in more slot machine designs all the time. What this game feature does is totally eliminate winning lines. Instead, players are given a massive number of winning combinations. Most of these pay out small amounts, but what it does is provide a sense of action and a small payback on most every hand. While it often might not offer as much as you wagered, it is better than a total loss, and keeps you playing longer.

Bally Technologies was one of the innovators of the “243 ways” game mechanic, but land-based players did not to embrace it for a while. Then online game developers like Microgaming took up the idea and it became a big sensation on the Internet. Now, more land-based machines have ditched the paylines altogether and offer 243 ways slots gaming. Cash Spin is one of those machines.

Wild Icons

The wild icons are a powerful symbol on Cash Spin. The wilds substitute for any other symbol on the reels, except for the U-Spin bonus symbol. Because the wilds are able to complete sets from almost anywhere on the reels (remember the “243 ways”), when a handful of wilds appear, it unlocks big wins. Within 10 spins of my first session, I unlocked a 3-kings, 2-wilds combination which gave me over €1,000. I was making high stakes bets, so don’t assume penny players will see the same results, but I was impressed with how easy it was to build a 5-king combination in the 243-way gaming system. These wilds really are a player’s best friend when playing Cash Spin Slots.

U-Spin Bonus Mode

The U-Spin bonus symbol is not going to be quite as friendly. U-Spin is a wildly successful game innovation from Bally Technologies. It’s a bonus game which lets players spin a virtual reel using touchscreen spinning actions (on the land-based game). The U-Spin bonus mode allows players to win thousands of coins, free spins, or special bonus events. Because the U-Spin bonus helps trigger other bonus events, you get a real sense of progression through the game.

Those are the good things about the U-Spin symbol. The spinning wheel bonus mode is the most fun part of Cash Spin. On the other hand, if the U-Spin icon doesn’t appear with enough frequency to unlock the bonus mode, it can clog up the system of building conventional winning combinations. That’s why I say it’s not always your friend. Many of the losing spins are going to feature U-Spin symbols. It’s a feast or famine kind of reel symbol, so keep that in mind as you play.

Moneybag Bonus

The Moneybag Bonus happens when three moneybag symbols appear in the right combination on the screen. When this happens, a real straightforward interactive bonus game triggers. Three identical moneybag icons appear on your screen. You are prompted to select one of the three icons. When you do, it is revealed how much money you won. The two other options are revealed, too. In my case, I choose the bag on the far right and won €4,800 in cash. The other two options were €1,600 and €800.

Cash Spin Sounds

The sounds on this game stand out. The musical choice is a little odd. Since the theme is wealth and royalty, one might expect a European sound to the music. Instead, the soundtrack music as the reels spin are conga drums. I’m not saying that I dislike it, but the graphics and sounds do not necessarily mesh.

That being said, I like the sound effects. As the U-Spin symbols appears, a unique sound alerts you to the possibility that a game event might happen. The moneybags icon also has its own sound, to show you might win the Moneybag Bonus.

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