Cash Wave

Review of Bally’s Cash Wave Slot Machine

Cash Wave Slots is a 5-reel, 40-payline slot machine from Bally Technologies. Cash Wave, which is sometimes spelled “Ca$h Wave”, is a flat-top video slots game, meaning it doesn’t offer a huge progressive jackpot. Instead, it offers several ways to win pretty nice flat-top jackpots. The pay table offers two different maximum payout symbols, along with three other winning symbols which pay out half the size of the max jackpot.

I wanted to do something a little different with this review. Since Cash Wave Slots has certain similarities to Cash Spin Slots, I wanted to compare and contrast the two during this article. I’ll refer back to the other game from time to time, as a way of highlighting the best and worst features of Cash Spin Slots.

Coin Denominations

Cash Wave Slots offers a more traditional set of Bally Technologies coin denominations than Cash Spin Slots. The coin options on this gaming machine are €0.01, €0.02, €0.03, €0.04, €0.05, €0.06, €0.07, €0.08, €0.09, €0.10, €0.15 €0.20, €0.40, €0.60, €0.80, €1.00, €2.00, €3.00, €4.00, €5.00, and €10.00. The max payline is 40, so the maximum bet on Cash Wave Slots is €400.00.

Don’t worry if you’re a U.S. player and you don’t want to gamble using the Euro. If you play Ca$h Wave Slots in an American symbol, you’ll be able to play using the American dollar designation.

Cash Wave Reel Symbols

The theme of Cash Wave is the beach, so the symbols reflect that theme. One symbol is a live-action head shot of a hot blonde with a wave crashing in the background. Cartoon reel symbols include Sun tan lotion and a beach towel, and also a set of flip flops.

The standard card ranks are offered on the game, and these look just like the Cash Spin Slots symbols. The jack has a fleur-de-lis, while the ace has a ruby embedded in it. The queen and king symbols are adorned with crowns, while the nine has no such adornment (showing its lesser status). A blue van with a surfboard strapped to its top is another reel icon.

Also, a wild symbol is also found on the reels, while a “Free Games” icon is also found. Because both of these are crucial to your enjoyment, I’ll discuss both of these in their turn.

Game Play

Cash Wave has a 5×4 reel screen and a winning line game resolution, so it doesn’t seem to have as many winning spins as the Cash Spin Slots game (which has a 5×3 screen). The striking blonde woman showed up once 4 up-and-down and I won nothing. This means you’ll have more volatility in your gaming on Cash Wave Slots. That’s not always a bad thing, because it means you can win big cash.

Playing for €40 a spin, I was down over €500 in about ten minutes time. Then I won a 5-of-a-kind payout with two wilds and won back about €350 of that cash, but I was starting to get nervous at how fast my cash was flying away.

Ca$h Wave Sounds

The sounds on Cash Wave is a traditional winning slot machine sound found on many Bally Technologies games. These sounds remind me somewhat of the music from the old Atari video game console, or perhaps 1980s video arcade games. While I would put the music in the “quaint” category, a person is never tired of hearing it, because it always signals a wins. Unlike Cash Spin Slots, music doesn’t play until you win. Instead, sound effects are used. Sound effects occur when the “Free Games” icon appears. Unless three of them appears, these sounds might get you excited for nothing.

Top Payouts

Two symbols represent the biggest payout. If you receive 5 wilds, you’ll be paid €25 for every coin you wagered. If you receive 5 blonde ladies on the same payline, you’ll receive the same €25 for each coin wagered. These are not the only high end payouts. Most of the symbols on Cash Wave provides nice payouts, so gamblers should find they get a steady stream of lower jackpots.

The van, beach towel/sun tan oil, and sandals icons each pay €12.50 for the five-symbol combination. The ace and king each pay €10 per coin for the 5-symbol combination, while the queen, jack, ten, or nine each pay €5 per coin.

How Wins Are Paid

Only the highest win on a given payline is paid. If you have multiple wins on different paylines, though, these stack together for bigger payouts. All payouts are left to right on an active winning line.

Wild Symbols

Cash Wave has a standard wild symbol and stacked wilds. The wilds substitute for any symbol on the game, except for the free games symbol. These are standard for most Bally Technologies slot machines, but there’s is another wild game mechanic that needs a bit more explanation: wilds on the free games feature.

Wilds on the Free Game Mode

The wilds work much differently on the free game mode. Free game symbols appear on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels. When three scattered free game icons appear on these reels, the free game bonus feature appears. Five free games are awarded. During this bonus mode, a much different wild symbol system is used.

For the first free game, reel 5 is wild. For the second free game, reels 4 and 5 are wild. For the third free game, reels 3 and 4 are wild. For the fourth free game, reels 2 and 3 are wild. Finally, for the fifth free game, reels 1 and 2 are wild.

Payouts during Free Games

The payouts on the free game mode is determined by the amount of money you wagered on the spin which activated the free games mode. Additional free games will not be awarded during the free spins feature. Also, the wild symbol and free games symbol do not appear on the video reels during the free spins.

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