China River

Review of Bally’s China River Slot Machine

If you fancy history then the China River slot machine is sure to draw your attention. Unlike other casino slots, Bally Technologies have developed an eminent online slots game which can be played on both Windows and Mac operating systems. The game is based on truth rather than legends and myths and is equipped with 30 paylines and five reels for history enthusiasts.

Thanks to the upgraded technical design, high quality with high definition graphics, it goes easy on the eyes. Moreover, it is also fast and never slows down on low internet bandwidth meaning that players can play continuously for hours without feeling tired. The China River slots game features wilds, mystery stacked symbols, and a bonus of free spins.

Theme of China River

With the attribute of impeccable graphics, commencing from the very beginning one can easily notice that this is a Chinese themed slots game. It is designed so as to take players on a natural expedition along the banks of one of the hundred Chinese rivers. On the other side of the reels you will notice boats with their fishermen, blossoming flora and enlivened fauna.

At the top most point of the reels you will notice a Golden Pheasant that automatically comes to life as the reels are spun. Some of the symbolic creations on the reels are Chinese pots, Golden Pheasants, Gold Coins, Lotus Flowers, Chinese Symbols, Emerald Frogs and playing cards values with a range of Ace through to 10.

The music and the sounds through the game harmonize with the theme allowing you to take pleasure in the game while attracting more of your concentration into it.  However, if you wish to, you may mute the music and sounds by unchecking the volume icon at the bottom of your screen.

The Golden Pheasant is the trump as she replaces the other mentioned symbols on the reels. She also makes an appearance on the reels two, three, four, and five. While trying to undersand and play this game, it is essential to know that she also replaces the scatter symbol, which is embodied by the Gold coin.

Reels, Symbols, Max Payouts & More

The game can get a bit difficult but to make it easier, there is one feature namely the Auto Spin button. This feature enables you to place between five and twenty five automatic spins while they all run on the same speed and give you equal opportunities of hitting winning combinations as the manual spins. This added feature although you may use it as many times as you wish, does not have a price tag to it. The only condition before pressing the Auto Spin is that you would have to verify whether or not you are playing at the correct bet per line.

Bonus Games and Features

On every spin, a randomly stacked symbol is chosen by the game. A stacked symbol mystery position is within each reel and is eventually replaced with a random symbol. All other symbols can be replaced in these spins apart from the Golden Pheasant.

To activate the Free Spins bonus feature you need a minimum of three or more Gold Coins. Three Gold Coins will fetch you eight free spins, four Gold Coins will fetch you ten free spins and five Gold Coins will fetch you fifteen free spins. Players can re-activate more free spins by receiving more than three Gold Coins. The free spins you gain additionally are added to your existing free spins. The free spins are played at the same bets per line as the round that elicited the bonus feature. Once the free spins are finished, the session will come to an end.

Sights and Sounds

Bally slots tend to be stingy when it comes to sound effects and visuals. China River is no exception, although it does offer some stereotypical Asian music when the reels are spinning. There’s also a majestic three-dimensional bird sitting atop the reels, and he occasionally glances upwards.

Bet Denominations

Players can choose the amount of money to wager on each line per spin, and there are a total of 14 options. These include the following: 0.01 to 0.10, 0.15, 0.20, 0.50, and 1.00. That means the cheapest spin is going to cost you 0.30, while the most expensive is 30.00.

Game Symbols and Pay Table

The following section explains the China River pay table, as well as the various symbols that show up during gameplay. The basic game symbols have larger payouts than a lot of Bally slots that I’ve encountered. The Chinese Letters symbol offers the best payout on the China River base game. I have no idea what these letters translate to, but this reel symbol has the largest fixed payout on the basic game. The payouts for the Mandarin script are $70.00, $7.00, $1.75, and $0.14.

The Burning Lotus symbol looks like a paper or crystal decorative item with a small flame burning in the center. The Lotus symbol offers payouts of $35.00, $7.00, and $1.40 when you receive between 3 and 5 of them–making it the second-best jackpot on the base game. The Chinese Cauldron is known as the “Ding” or “Ting”, and this is the third-best symbol on China River Slots. When you receive at least three of the Ting Symbols, the prize amounts are $17.50, $3.50, and $1.05.

The Jade Frog symbol pays if three or more icons show up on the reels. The prize amounts for these combinations are $14.00 for five frogs, $3.50 for four, and $0.70 for three frogs. Three or more of the same symbol must turn up on the reels for a payout. When you cluster 3 or more Nines, Tens, Jacks, and Queens, you receive payouts of $7.00, $1.40, and $0.35 per coin wagered. Getting kings or aces pays $10.50, $1.75, and $0.35 (for 5-coin, 4-coin, and 3-coin combinations).

Wild Symbol

Depicted as the same exotic bird that’s perched near the top of the screen, the wild symbol is available on reels two through five. One or more of these icons can help form a winning combination, and they substitute for all symbols besides the scatter pays.

Mystery Stacked Symbols

After a reel begins to spin, a stacked mystery symbol position is replaced with a random icon. The only exception to this rule is the wild bird.

Scatter Symbol – Chinese Longevity Icon

In order to start the free games bonus feature, you’ll need to get three to five of these scatters as part of a winning combination. In addition to triggering the bonus, this symbol also pays one of the following: $7.00, $1.40, $0.35, or $0.14.

The number of longevity symbols that turn up on the reels determines the amount of free spins you’ll receive. The bonus can also be triggered on multiple paylines, which gives you additional spins to start with.

Free Games Bonus Feature

When three to five scatter symbols hit on a winning payline, the Free Games Bonus Feature is triggered. Below is the number of free spins (called “games”) you receive.

  • 3 icons = 8 free games
  • 4 icons = 10 free games
  • 5 icons = 15 free games

Free games are played with the value of the original line bet. During the bonus spins, all payouts are doubled in value. Once the complimentary spins have been used up, the game reverts to normal.

Autoplay Feature

Bally Interactive includes this feature on all their games, though I would not recommend using it. Instead of having to push the spin button over and over, you can set it on automatic and relax your hand for a while. The auto play button looks like two arrows moving in a circle, and clicking on this brings up a sub menu that allows you to select one of the following number of spins: 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25.

The problem with the auto-play option is the fact the game plays faster and the gambler isn’t always mindful of the money being wagered. Players want to slow down the game, so they don’t face the house edge as often. Playing the slot machines is like chewing your food or sipping your wine: savor the experience. Playing the game faster only helps the casino.

Expected Payout

In accordance with required regulations, an independent testing company calculated the theoretical average return that players of China River from Bally should expect. This long-term expected payback is 93.98%. That’s not a high number, but it is average for a Bally slots game. Given the scatters, wilds, and free games, it’s a competitive RTP and makes China River Slots from Bally worth playing.

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