Reviews Williams Interactive’s Gremlins Slots Machine

If you have watched the 1984 movie Gremlins, you will know what the Gremlins slot machine is based on. Gremlin is a mythical creature that is often mentioned in the folktales of England. Similar to the other English folkloric imps, who are known for their mischievous and naughty ways, Gremlins are also considered to be troublemakers and especially drawn to aircrafts. Assumed to be mechanical in nature, Gremlins are known for their inclination to damage machinery or anything modern, which makes them as interesting as they are. The appeal of these mythical/fantastical creatures is perhaps the inspiration that led WMS Gaming to develop a slot machine game based on them.

Theme and Symbols in the Slot

The slot machine has two modes of play – the Gizmo mode and the Gremlins mode. While the Gizmo mode gives you a chance to win a game jackpot, the Gremlins mode offers you a chance to win the progressive jackpot, which can go up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in real money. The theme in both these modes remains the same but the symbols are different and based on the mythological character and the movie of the same name.

The Gizmo mode is based on the 1984 movie Gremlins, which is a horror comedy featuring a gremlin named Gizmo. The symbols in this mode include the cast of the movie – Zach Galligan, Phoebe Cates, Hoyt Axton and the gremlin as designed by Chris Walas. The game also has other symbols from the movie like the gremlin box, the car, clocks, a keyboard and the video game machine. The minimum bet in this mode is 35 credits.

The Gremlins Mode is based on the mythological creature and features many gremlins, a lab tube with chemicals in it, popcorn and movie tickets, and also progressive symbols that offer extra credits to the player. In both the modes, you will also find high card values A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9. The minimum bet in this mode is 150.

In both the modes, there are a total of 40 pay lines, that pay generously in the regular as well as the bonus rounds. The bonus features in each of these modes are unique, which means your chances of winning differ in each mode.

Bonus Features in Gremlins Slot

The WMS Gremlins slot machine has six different bonus features, divided between the two play modes.

Gizmo Bonus Rounds – The Gizmo mode has a minimum bet of 35 credits and a game jackpot. The other bonuses in the Gizmo mode also include the Gizmo free spins round, and the Gizmo multiplier wilds. In this mode, the wild wins can pay up to 20x the win amount per line. The free spins feature is triggered when you land at least three bonus symbols on the reels. Players can get 8 free spins and a clock appears on the top screen indicating that the bonus feature has begun.

The clock is surrounded by Gremlin eggs, and three of them hatch before the clock strikes midnight. The eggs hatch when a gremlin appears on the reels. The free spins round ends at midnight and the total wins during the reels are added to your total bankroll.

Gremlins Mode – The bonuses offered in the Gremlins mode have a higher payout. This mode offers a progressive bonus, which is triggered when you land three or more gremlin symbols on the reels. The payout is higher because the minimum bet is also high, at 150 credits per spin. During the basic game play in the Gremlin Mode, the Wild Placement feature, the re-spin feature or the Lightening multiplier may occur.

When the wild placement feature is activated, two gremlins appear on either side at the bottom of the reels and the middle reel keeps spinning and throwing out wild symbols to each of these gremlins. At the end of the spin, the gremlins throw back the wilds onto the screen, replacing all or most other symbols with wilds. This significantly improves your chances of creating a winning pay line

In the re-spin feature, the reels spin again after the initial spin is evaluated. This feature is also triggered randomly. In the Lightening multiplier feature, lightening strikes the reels and a random multiplier is generated. Each line win is then multiplied by the number generated by the lightening at the end of the spin.

The Gremlins mode also has the Slam multiplier feature, which is randomly triggered during the basic game. It can multiply the line wins by ten times. The Boost feature is yet another bonus feature that replaces the reels three, four and five with the scatter symbol that triggers the progressive bonus feature. The higher your bet amount per line, the better your chances of triggering the boost feature, which improves your options of getting the progressive bonus. You need to get at least five progressive cards to win a progressive bonus.

The Gremlin feature also triggers a special bonus in which the female gremlin showers kisses that turn into sticky wild symbols when they hit the screen. The more she loves you, the higher your chances of creating a winning pay line

Gremlins – Mythology and Media

Gremlins may have originated in the English folklore, but became popular as evil-looking, but lovable characters in the Hollywood movie of the same name. The movie, directed by Joe Dante has two parts – Gremlins and Gremlins 2 – The New Batch. Both the movies revolve around human interaction with these mythical creatures that have a friendly as well as a dark side.

Roald Dahl, the noted author also wrote a book called The Gremlins. In addition to movies and books, Gremlins have been the inspiration for a number of video games by Atari. These range from computer games, to games developed for the Nintendo gameboy, and slot machines based on the movie.

In general, Gremlins are used in reference to unknown creatures that damage aircrafts. In fact, there is book called A Scrap Book Collection of Gremlins by Eric Sloane, who was an artist and a pilot. He published the book back in 1942, under Raold Dahl publication.

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