Review of Bally’s NASCAR Slot Machine

NASCAR Slots is a 5-reel, 30 payline gaming machine from Bally Technologies. This video slot machine features clips of the most famous race car drivers on the Sprint Cup circuit. It offers progressive jackpots, including prizes which can be activated by low-stakes gamblers, making this a “penny progressive” game. The interactive bonus games offered maintain the NASCAR theme.

Three fast-paced bonus features are available: Burnout Free Games with U-Spin, You Win with Five Extra Wilds, and the Pit-Stop Bonus Pick’em Game. You’ll be able to win NASCAR jackpots in the WAP (“wide-area progressive”) or NAP (“near-area progressive”) variations. Wide-area progressives build the accumulated jackpot quicker, and sometimes end up offering a bigger payout.

Reel Symbols

You might think the reel symbols were easy to design for NASCAR slots, but the designers actually had to come up with 5 different sets of symbols. That’s because your decision of reel symbols depends on the NASCAR driver you select. Each one of the drivers offered has their own unique set of symbols. Let’s discuss your options.

Select Your Driver

Part of the allure of NASCAR is the personalities involved. NASCAR fans tend to have drivers they like and drivers they dislike. Rivalries, team loyalty, and personal animosity play a big role in a fan’s enjoyment of the sport. The personal nature of NASCAR is reflected in the ability to select drivers to represent you as you play.

When the game begins, players are given the option to play one of five drivers: Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, Kevin Harvick, Clint Bowyer, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. When you make a selection, the look of the game chances to that driver’s colors in your reel symbols, touch screen, and cabinet side-lighting.

Max Bet and Hitting the Progressive

The max bet on the game is 320 credits. To hit the big jackpot, you’ll need the 5 NASCAR symbols appear on the maximum payline. This game has a wide-area and a near-area progressive, with the biggest jackpot only being triggered by the max bet. The smaller progressive jackpots can be played at any level.

Burnout Free Games with U-Spin

The Burnout Free Games with U-Spin mode lets a player for options like “10 Free Games”, “5 Free Games with Extra Wilds”, or “10 Free Games with Locking Wilds”. These are just a few of the options, but it uses Bally’s U-Spin feature, which allows you to decide the outcome by spinning the virtual wheel. Keep in mind that, when game designers say “games”, they mean “spins”.

Pit Stop Bonus Pick’em Game

In this bonus game, you pick spare parts to fix your stock car. These car parts each correspond to a winning bonus amount. If you win, you’ll see the words “Upgrade Found” appear on the screen, along with the amount of your winnings.

The U-Race Bonus

The U-Race Bonus is a brand new bonus feature from Bally Technologies. A virtual NASCAR race will appear on the screen. As the cars race around the track, you are given the option to go high near the wall or go low to get around your opponent. Your decisions determine how much you win on the bonus game.

Custom Surround-Sound Chair

While I don’t normally point out the basics of the slot machine itself, I wanted to discuss the chair you’ll sit in. The custom surround-sound chair is meant to look like a NASCAR car seat, and it’s among the most comfortable slot machine seats you’ll ever sit in. The stereo surround-sound also provides immersion in the sounds of stock car racing. NASCAR fans always discuss that you cannot understand the speed and power of the stock-cars until you’re at the racetrack–and the sounds are a big reason that new visitors are so awed by the races.

NASCAR Slots Theme

The theme of this slot machine is race car driving–a distinctly American version known as stock car racing. NASCAR has the second-highest television ratings of any American sports, behind only the National Football League. In an age where sports wealth is determined by TV deals, that makes NASCAR a major sport by any standards. NASCAR races are broadcast in 150 countries worldwide, while racers of the past and present are world famous. Fortune 500 companies still sponsor many of the sports cars, while one estimate suggests that 17 of the 20 most-heavily attended live sporting events in the history of the world have been NASCAR races. Of all the racing sports, the Sprint Cup circuit is the most popular one.

NASCAR holds much of its popularity to its common man approach to racing. While the term “stock car” can be overemphasized in an age where the cars exceed 200 miles per hour and are only slightly slower than the IndyCars, the idea behind NASCAR is to take body styles you might see on an open road and race them (as opposed to open-wheel racing). Most of the great NASCAR drivers of the Winston Cup era came from the American South: men like Richard Petty, Bobby Labonte, and Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Today, the biggest names in the sport come from the northern and the western USA: Sprint Cup champions like Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, and Brad Keselowski. Most races still take place below the Mason-Dixon Line, because the season is 36-weeks long and the weather is better down south. Still, NASCAR would not have the kind of ratings it did if it wasn’t popular coast-to-coast, so a NASCAR slot machine should be popular in any casino in the United States–and beyond.

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