1X2 Network Enters U.S. Via Michigan, to Bring Operators and Players Crash Games

A British iGaming developer has finally entered the U.S. after acquiring a license in Michigan. 1X2 Network got the license from the Michigan Gaming Control Board, allowing the company to supply its casino content to players in the Great Lakes State.

With the iGaming supplier in the state, players will be able to play games from the firm’s studios, including Iron Dog Studio, AD LUNAM, and Prospect Gaming. You might be familiar with 1X2gaming. While it was 1X2 Network’s original studio, it was not mentioned in the press release, leaving questions about whether players will gain access to its content too.

Another thing players are still in the dark about is the launch date for the iGaming content supplier. Ideally, 1X2 Network has to partner with a casino operator in Michigan to begin operations. However, this might not be long as operators will be looking to add to their offerings.

What’s more, there have been numerous partnerships between casino content suppliers and operators in the past few months. Michigan’s gambling industry has also seen positive growth, with revenue for July 2023 increasing by 21.3 percent. These figures could indicate potential partnerships with several casino operators in Michigan.

1X2 Network has unique content. Some of its popular real money slot machines include Strike Series of Hold and Wins titles from Iron Dog Studios, 1 Million Fortunes Megaways, and 1 Million Megaways BC. There is also a popular crash game called Maverick that players will find exciting.

More About Crash Games

Maverick is a crash game with simple gameplay. This makes the game ideal for all players.

Crash games have multipliers that usually start at 1x. The game starts with players betting on the growing multiplier hoping to cash out before it crashes. If the game crashes before cashing out, you lose your bet.

Suppose you want to bet $20 on a game with a starting multiplier of 1x. When the multiplier gets to 3x, you can cash out to win $60. The game might crash at any time, making it a game of luck just like slots.

The game’s speed also varies. This adds an element of surprise and makes the game more engaging and exciting.

Fortunately, you can use features like auto cash out. Also, crash games have customizable multipliers, giving you a little control over how much you can win.

Crash games have existed since 2014. They are popular at online casinos based offshores.

Unfortunately, you can rarely find these games at legalized online casinos in the country. This gives 1X2 Network an opportunity to leverage and gain a huge market share for crash games.

DraftKings has its own crash game, called DraftKings Rocket. The operator introduced the game in 2021 and another title called NHL Slapshot, a hockey-themed crash game just recently.

Maverick Crash Game

Meanwhile, 1X2 Network launched Maverick in February 2023. The iGaming supplier has agreed that the crash game has been a success in Ontario, Canada, and Europe.

1X2 Network may have borrowed the theme of the game from Top Gun movies. This is because it uses a plane as a multiplier. However, the game is not based on fighter jets but on biplanes.

Maverick is ideal for low and high rollers. It has a minimum bet of $1 and a maximum of $100 with the multiplier growing up to 10,000x. Maverick also has an auto cash-out feature, mellow background music, and a live chat feature allowing players to interact.

This game runs on a schedule. So, if you find the game underway, you have to wait a few minutes to join the next round.

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