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Online Casinos in South Africa

South Africa’s online casino industry is in flux at the moment. Online casino gambling is banned in the country at the moment, but lawmakers keep seeking to pass laws which would legalize and regulate the industry. Online casino operators are caught in the lurch, because they are told those which operate illegally now might be banned under any nationwide legalization process similar to the United States.

Language Options Available in South African Casinos

Of the online casinos operating in South Africa at the moment, only English and Afrikaans are language options. South Africans might find that strange, since their country is third in the world in its number of official languages (11). A number of Bantu languages are considered official, including major ethnic languages like Zulu, Swazi, and Xhosa, as well as other significant languages like Sotho, Northern Sotho, Tsonga, Tswana, Venda, and Ndebele.

A website called “Slot Powers” caters to those who speak Afrikaans. Afrikaans is the language of the ethnic Dutch (“Boers“) who settled in South Africa before the British Empire annexed the country. The Boers were notably hard-bitten settlers who fought against the might of the British Empire in two bitter Boer Wars (1880-81, 1899-1902). The term “commando” comes from the soldiers who fought on the Boers’ armies in the 2nd Boer War–a mark of distinction the British used when they first formed commando units in World War II.

Popular Casino Games in South Africa

Slot games in South Africa

South Africans have a diverse range of preferences when it comes to casino games. While some enjoy the thrill of spinning the reels on slot machines, others prefer the strategic gameplay of table games. Here are some of the most popular casino games in South Africa:


Slot machines are a favorite among South African players. The wide variety of themes, bonus features, and progressive jackpots make slots an exciting choice for both beginners and experienced players. Online casinos offer even more options for players in terms of exciting and engaging themes, slot and reel variants, as well as payline and symbol mechanics. All of these equate to players who play online slot games having the chance to win big payouts on top of enjoying such titles.


Whether it’s the European or American versions of it, the spinning wheel and the anticipation of where the ball will land make roulette a classic casino game. This is why a lot of South Africans enjoy playing both roulette variations, which have some differences, mainly the number of pockets (37 for European Roulette, 38 for American Roulette). Having additional pockets for the American roulette makes the house edge higher, but this doesn’t make it less favorable.


Also known as “21” in South Africa, blackjack is a card game that requires skill and strategy. Players aim to beat the dealer’s hand without exceeding a total of 21. Whether it’s traditional or online casinos, players can utilize various blackjack strategies to make the most of their hands and wagers.


Poker is another popular card game in South Africa, with many players participating in both online and offline tournaments. Texas Hold’em is the most widely played variant, and the thrill of how players work with the hands dealt to them and place their bets against other players is always exhilarating. For those who want a single-player experience of poker, online casinos offer a wide assortment of video poker games to keep them entertained and earning real money.


Baccarat is a card game that is easy to learn and offers high stakes. It is particularly popular among high-rollers in South Africa. As players are going against the dealer, observing how often the player or dealer wins can help determine where to place the next bet. Those who apply advanced baccarat strategies often aim to get as much earnings from their bets.

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Are Online Casinos Legal in South Africa?

Legality of online casinos in South Africa

Real money online gambling in South Africa is kind of in limbo in late 2015. Some wonder if the measures are not further away from passage than ever, while certain South African lawmakers suggest the continued efforts indicate a readiness to pass such a law–in the right circumstances.

In fact, the NGA has an ambiguous stance towards online gambling. It says that online gambling is legal, if done through a licensed “South African bookmaker”. Presumably, this is only for sports betting and racing, though.

Betting Sites in South Africa

All other online casinos operating inside South Africa support the English language, but no other. The only legal gaming sites listed on Online Casino city are Supabets and Kruger Bets, which are sports betting sites. Supabets is said to use Sportrader software, while Kruger Bets uses BetTech software.

Forex Trading Sites

Otherwise, the only other sites listed as legally taking “wagers” are ACM Gold and CM Trading, which are Forex trading sites. The online gambling industry in South Africa is therefore next-to-nonexistent. No doubt, illegal online gambling takes place inside South Africa, because prohibition of such vices never work–they simply drive it underground.

Online Casino Options

When it comes to offshore online casinos, however, players from South Africa can access popular and reputable sites like Such sites provide an assortment of popular online casino games that can be enjoyed in the comfort of their homes. All the players need to have is a reliable internet connection and a device that can connect them to the internet and allow them to click on the site so that they can start playing their favorite casino games.

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Brick-and-Mortar Gambling Laws

popular casino games in South Africa

The legislature of the Republic of South Africa legalized and regulated gambling in 1996 through the National Gambling Act 1996, not to be confused with the aforementioned National Gambling Act 2004. The legislature followed the advice of the 1994 Wiehahn Commission report, which recommended legalizing land-based casino gambling.

At present, 37 legal casinos are located in 35 different South African cities, including Cape Town, Durban, and Sun City. Three casinos exist in Johannesburg. Neither Soweto nor Pretoria, the 4th and 5th largest cities in South Africa, have land casinos. Also, 10 horse tracks operate in South Africa, including 2 each in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.

National Gambling Act 2004

Under the National Gambling Act of 2004, all interactive casinos are banned in South Africa. The 2004 National Gambling Act states that “a person must not engage in or make available an interactive game except as authorized in terms of this Act or any other national law.”

In practice, it would seem that horse racing, sports betting, and forex trading are considered legal. Online poker and casino gaming are illegal. This has not stopped lawmakers from trying to pass the “Interactive Gambling Bill”, which would make iGaming legal in the country.

In fact, lawmakers proposed an “Interactive Gambling Bill 2008” and an “Interactive Gambling Bill 2010”, but both bills went down to defeat. A third pro-gaming legislative initiative was started in the spring of 2014, but it failed to gain the momentum it needed to pass.

National Gambling Board (NGB)

The National Gambling Board is the chief gaming authority in South Africa. In 2011, the NGB released a statement in which it stated that all casinos in which the results were produced “in cyberspace” are considered illegal.

At the same time, the NGB said that sports betting or racing bets conducted over the phone or the Internet are legal. So it should be noted that anyone gambling at an online or mobile casino while inside South Africa is doing so illegal. Such gambling does take place, though.

Online Casinos South Africa FAQ

How big is the online casino scene in South Africa?

According to multiple news sources, as of fiscal year 2022/2023, South Africa's Gross Gambling Revenue (GGR) has significantly risen to R47.2 billion. Online casinos have attributed to 50.3% of the total GGR.

What is the legal age for gambling in South Africa?

The legal age for gambling in South Africa is 18 years old.

What is the minimum deposit for online casinos in South Africa?

Online casinos in South Africa have varying minimum deposits. These are generally included within their promotions or posted on their respective sites.

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