Best Online Casino Slot Games

Online Casino Slot Games
Many people find that playing real money online slots is a very entertaining pastime. The thrill of wagering real money and the possibility of winning huge jackpots is enough to get anyone excited.

Traveling to a casino is not possible for everyone, as travel and accommodations are expensive. Not everyone lives near a casino or has the time necessary to travel to a casino. Furthermore, some people just are not a fan of the noise, smoke, and crowds typical of a casino floor.

Luckily, we have another, more convenient, option – playing slots for real cash from the comfort of our own home. And I’m not talking about buying your own slot machine either.

You can even play online slots for real money from bed in your pajamas if you want to! Below you’ll find our recommendations for the best online slot machines that really payout.

Popular Themes

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Playing Slots Online vs. In the Casino
Playing real money slots online is very similar to playing slots on the casino floor, except without the casino atmosphere (which many don’t care for anyway).
Slot Machine Variety
If you like the variety of slot machines offered on the casino floor, you will absolutely love the variety of slots that you will find at an online casino. Online casinos typically offer thousands of different slot machines for you to choose from, which sure beats the variety of slot machines at any casino that I have ever been to. You can even play real money slots on your mobile phone or tablet. Even though both Apple and Android have banned real money gambling apps in their app stores, most online casinos have developed workarounds to allow you to play casino games on your phone.
Games for All Budgets
Online casinos are typically very accommodating of all different types of budgets. If you have a low budget, you can generally find some penny slots where you can wager as little as $.01 per line. Even if you play all the lines, you can still get away with wagering as little as $.20 per spin. Playing these low limit slots is a great way to stretch a small budget into the maximum about of gameplay time.

If you are a high limit player and are looking to place larger bets, you can typically find yourself a high limit slot game where you can wager $5 per line or more.
Slot Bonuses
Online casinos offer players several different types of bonuses which provide players with extra chances of winning cash. In an effort to attract new players, casinos often offer sign up bonuses to new players. The bonus may be a match of the new player’s deposit or maybe a specific amount.

Some online casinos even offer “no deposit” bonuses which offer new players free money to play without even having to make a deposit first. Such no deposit bonuses are typically small and come with terms and conditions limiting their use. Often bonuses are non-cashable, meaning that they can be used for gameplay but cannot be cashed out until they are played through a certain number of times.

Real money casinos are also known to offer reload bonuses, referral bonuses, and seasonal bonuses.

Terms and conditions of slot bonuses differ from bonus to bonus and from casino to casino. You will want to review these terms and conditions thoroughly before signing up for any bonus.
How to Get Started
The most important part of selecting a place to play online is ensuring that you find a safe and reputable online casino. Finding a safe and trustworthy online casino is simple by referring to the reviews of casinos available online.

Once you select a casino to join you will need to sign yourself up as a player in their system. Sign-up will take you through a verification process to prove your identity, which may include sending them some form of identification such as a driver’s license or other documentation.

Depositing Funds into your Account

Once you get signed-up you will need to deposit funds into your account before you can begin playing slots for real money.

Deposit methods typically fall under the following 3 categories:

Credit cards / Debit cards – such as Visa, MasterCard, and Amex
E-Wallets – such as Paypal, Neteller, Ukash, and Skrill
Bank wire transfer – which directly sends money from your bank account to the casino
Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and litecoin

Online casinos offer several different deposit methods, so once you are signed up with an online casino you should check to see which deposit methods are offered for your area and choose the option most convenient for you.

Withdrawing your Winnings

As you play, your winnings will accumulate in your account. Once you reach the minimum withdrawal limit, you can request a cash-out. Much like the methods of depositing funds into your account, there are several different options of withdrawing your winnings. The following are the 3 common cash out methods:

E-Wallets – such as Paypal, Neteller, Ukash, and Skrill
Bank wire transfer

Bank wire transfers and checks typically take longer to process than e-wallet transfers, which often take only a matter of hours.

Need help getting started?

If you find yourself in need of assistance during the sign-up process or need help getting funds deposited into your account, casino personnel will be happy to help you and do everything they can to get you set and started playing. A quick phone call or online chat is typically all that is needed to get the help you need, and you can be playing slots in no time.
How to Play & Win at Real Money Slots
Understanding what slots are and how they work is the first step to becoming a winning slots player. Of course, slot machines are a negative expectation gamble, so you can’t expect anyone to teach you a way to win on a consistent basis. So-called professional slot machine players are lying—maybe to themselves as well as you, but they’re lying.

Yes, you can win at slots, but chances are you won’t. This page explains how slots work, why they’re so popular, and how the odds affect you. It also recommends playing progressive jackpots if you’re interested in the big win, and why saving money is as important as winning money.
Understand how they work
The first thing you need to understand about slots is how they work. Modern slot machines determine who wins and how much they win by running a computer program called a random number generator. Every possible combination of symbols on the reels corresponds to a number. The random number generator cycles through thousands of numbers per second. When you press spin (or pull the lever), the random number generator stops on a number. That number determines whether or not you win and how much you win. The symbols and the reels are just for show.

No one would play a game where you push a button and get an instant result of “you won $1” or “you lost $1”. Slots designers and casinos put together the spinning reels to maintain player interest in the game. Don’t fall for any of the baloney you’ll find on the Internet about “zig-zag” systems, which supposedly tell you when a machine is due to pay out.
Understand why they’re so popular
In fact, you should understand that the casinos don’t have your best interests at heart. They’re soulless corporations—money-making machines. These slot machine games have been designed to maximize your interest. Time on device is the industry term that casinos and slots manufacturers use to describe how long the average player sits in front of a slot machine. They use cutting-edge psychological techniques to maximize this “time on device” metric.

What that means for slots players is that it’s easy to spend more time playing than you intend to. The more time you spend playing, the more money you lose. All slot machines are programmed to pay out less than they take in over time. The longer you play, the more likely your results are to resemble the mathematical expectation.
Understand progressive jackpots
I recommend playing large progressive jackpots if you want to be a winning player. These represent your best chance of winning a jackpot that will change your life. Unfortunately, the odds of actually winning are about as good as the odds of winning the lottery.

With progressive jackpots, a tiny percentage of every wager goes toward growing a jackpot. This jackpot doesn’t stop getting bigger until someone wins. In many cases, progressive slots are networked together, so everyone who plays contributes toward one jackpot. And everyone playing one of these networked machines has the opportunity to win. An example of a networked progressive jackpot is the Megabucks machine, which is found everywhere in Las Vegas and Arizona. Online progressive jackpots work the same way.

As I write this, the Megabucks jackpot in Arizona is worth almost $14 million. The last time the jackpot was hit was in December 2013. I enjoy speculating about what I would do with that money, so I take my chances and play the progressives all the time.
Understand the odds
Of course, the odds of winning a progressive slot machine are generally lower than flat-top games. (A flat-top game has a fixed top jackpot amount.) With a game like Megabucks, probably 10% to 15% of every wager goes toward feeding the jackpot. That’s reflected in your actual results in the form of smaller and less frequent payouts. But when you do hit a big win, you never have to play again.

It doesn’t matter how long since the last jackpot hit. Your odds of winning are minimal. Michael Bluejay compares the odds of winning on Megabucks slots with the odds of winning the Texas lottery. The odds of winning Megabucks’ top jackpot is about 1 in 50 million, compared to about 1 in 25 million in the Texas lottery.
Understand that a penny saved is a penny earned
Every dollar that you win is worth just as much as every dollar you lose. Since slots are a negative expectation game, you have a better chance of showing a profit by not playing at all. Another effective approach is to play until you’re ahead, quit, and never win again.

But what fun is that?

The true secret to being a winning slots player is to understand what you’re doing. Play with money you can afford to lose, and if you lose, don’t be disappointed. Just make sure you have fun when you play.

Slots are the most profitable game for the casinos, and probably due to the fact that they are so hard to hit a jackpot often – so you just keep playing for that magical spin and day for it to happen in front of your eyes; oh… what a day it will be…

However, slot games are also quite entertaining depending on the game and its features available, but there has to be some type of slot strategies to win it, get some good money out of it, or at least to decrease the loses on it – so let us look around.
Basic Slots Strategy
Slots is another one of those casino games, that regardless of it being at online casinos or offline casinos, it is all random generated, and hence, a chance/luck game, where there are not many things you can do to gain the winning edge. Nevertheless, there are some points or slots strategies you could consider to improve your winning odds.

All casinos will have a casino payout, which is a percentage of what they will pay out for every $100 dollars gambled over the lifetime of the slot machine  (not per player, unfortunately). This is the same for each game, and hence, the same for slots – each with a particular slot payout.

In offline casinos, for instance, the slots with the highest payouts are often placed near the entrance door, with the hopes of attracting pedestrians in with the siren and jackpot noises. In other words, the slots located near the entrance door of offline casinos have higher payouts, and hence, will give you higher winning odds too. If you go to these land-based casinos then, try playing at these slot games instead of the ones located deeper in the casino area, regardless of the jackpot amount it might have.

If you are lucky, you will find an employee, which with a nice tip, will also let you know which slot games are getting hit more often (and set to hit more often) – then you will obviously have greater winning odds there; it is not guaranteed they will pay out much, as they as used as bait, but they will get you more sirens and noises going.

Now in terms of the slot denominations you should consider, it all depends on your budget. Common sense basically, if you do not have much of a budget, then you should play smaller denominations and vice versa. This also takes into account if you want to extend your game experience, hence, playing the smaller coins and just one (1) pay-line. On the other hand, if you have enough of a budget, or if you are looking for the biggest payout from the machine, the jackpot in other words, then you should play with the max coin amounts, and bet on all the pay-lines for the slot game.

Once you get a hit, you should work on your willpower and cashout, as getting another hit right after another has pretty low odds. If your game is based on entertainment though, then keeping at it is fine, especially if you like the game, its features, and graphics experience.

One last point to consider regarding all of the above, is that even though they are not as easy to locate, online casinos (online slots) do payout more than offline casinos, plus you will have many more game choices available in one centralized place for you to surf around; convenience is the name of the game in other words.

Regardless of your main purpose with the video slot machines, the idea is to have fun and keep within your spending budget – all part of a slots strategy so once you have that clear, go ahead and play slots now.

For more detailed information on slots see our Slot Machine FAQ.

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