A Casino in New Mexico Refuses to Pay Slot Pay Winner $542,000, Highlighting a “Glitch” in the System

An unfavorable incident may occur in the casino sector, leaving an individual with a negative perception. A man that goes by Tommy Wilson, who resides in Las Cruces, New Mexico, stated that he hit the jackpot on February 25th, but couldn’t cash out his winnings.

What Happened Leading Up to the Event?


Albuquerque Journal newspaper reported about this event as the individual is claiming that the casino is refusing to pay the $542,000. He believes he rightfully won in this case at the Black Mesa Casino.

Wilson recalls that he spent five or six minutes on the buffalo-themed slot, and spent a total of $100 on the machine before winning the jackpot. Now, he claims that the casino is refusing to pay out the potential earnings due to a “glitch” in the system after other players on the casino floor congratulated him on the achievement.

The main issue in the incident is the machine immediately shut off after the jackpot appeared on the screen. The manager at the time also confirmed that there was no win in the case.

The dispute between the two parties amassed the media’s attention across the board and raised questions about the integrity of these types of slot machines in not only Black Mesa Casino but also in other facilities across the United States.

What Was the Next Course of Action?


Wilson was told to file a complaint with the gaming commission overseen by the New Mexico Gaming Commission, an employee at the casino. The individual didn’t file a complaint because he didn’t have a picture of the slot screen, and failed to get any of the witnesses’ names.

In the meantime, he had an interview in Denver. When he drove back through Black Mesa a few days later, he stopped at the casino to file a complaint. When he returned, Wilson decided to play Kings of Africa and won two separate minor jackpots that totaled $1,226 and $1,446.

According to Wilson’s attorney, the casino engaged in “bad faith” behavior, and is prepared to take the steps necessary to get his client his winnings. In addition, the attorney has called for an investigation regarding the practices of the casino and hopes that the New Mexico Gaming Control Board will get involved in the dispute.

Black Mesa Casino hasn’t commented on the matter in regard to the pending legal action. This isn’t the first time, and will certainly not be the last in the casino industry, where a gaming facility refused to pay out a large sum of money to the consumer.

Can Both Sides Settle on a Disclosed Amount?


Wednesdays are free-to-play days for active-duty service members and veterans at the casino. He stated in the Journal, “You know, if they said, ‘Mr. Wilson, we’re sorry that this happened, and we would like to offer you $50,000 as an apology,’ that would have been fine. Instead, they offered me nothing, and that’s not fine, that’s not OK.”

Cases like this highlight the need for transparency and fairness based on these slots, and other games that involve machines because the odds heavily favor the house and not the public. The same could be said for online casinos rather it is on a reputable sportsbook or any other platform that has the authority to conduct business in the United States.

According to the information given, the casino is operated by the San Felipe Pueblo tribe. Can both sides iron out their differences as the casino has received national attention?

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