A Coalition of Residents in Nassau County‌ Petition Against Las Vegas Sands From Gaining Market Access to Nassau Coliseum

New Jersey saw a 10.4 percent increase in its sports betting and casino in the month of February. Lobbyists continue to make their stand to bring commercial casinos to the neighboring state of New York, but these groups face opposition from residents and even universities.

Residents Petition Against Sands Casino


Across the Empire State, a coalition of opposers continues to petition against these big casino corporations that keep spending an undisclosed amount of money to push the needle in the Empire State. Brick-and-mortar locations and iGaming have been the primary focuses during this legislative session.

A group of residents in Nassau County has formed the Say No to the Casino Civic Association, which isn’t affiliated with any political party. However, the goal is to approach lawmakers about rejecting any momentum these companies have built in the last few months.

This petition can also be found on Change.org and has received over 1,700 signatures, and the number continues to rise. The petition reads as follows: “This casino will change the character of Nassau County and the surrounding neighborhoods and will lead to an increase in crime, traffic, and noise pollution,…It will also put a strain on our local law enforcement and governments.”

When talking about Las Vegas Sands, the company is among the elite group of gaming companies in the sector. It is well known that the company is strongly trying to obtain three downstate permits in the Empire State. Other companies in the mix are Bally’s, Caesars Entertainment, MGM Resorts International, Resorts World, and Wynn Resorts.


How Did Everything Lead Up to This Situation?


To begin the new year, Las Vegas Sands has extended agreements to long-term leases revolving around the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. The process is long over, but if the transactions are approved going forward, this would allow the company to gain control of up to 80 acres of land.

If the company is successful in retrieving a gaming license in the jurisdiction, the company will have the power to develop a new hotel on-site. Undoubtedly, those who reside in the vicinity have expressed their concerns about the casino venture. Things like an increase in crime rates have sparked opposition.

Local residents have been concerned about things such as increased rates of drunk driving, human trafficking, decreased home values, and impacts on air and water quality. In contrast, Sands has some support from locals as well, but the fight will certainly be an uphill battle.

The reason for backing these entities is that entertainment facilities bring in significant revenue for the county and surrounding areas. More permanent jobs and construction jobs will be created if the casino companies obtain these licenses.

Hofstra Taking the Stance Against the Casino


The trustees at Hofstra University are also opposing the proposal to bring a casino to the area. In short, the members of the university believe that it’s an inappropriate location to build a casino near the institution.

The area is also home to elementary schools up to the graduate school level. Many students in the surrounding area are under the age of 21 and believe that an increased volume of traffic will lead to more crime and harm to local businesses.

There are seven trustees named in the letter, including Susan Poser, the college’s president, Donald Schaeffer, the college’s chair, Martha Pope, vice chair, Michael Roberge, the college’s vice chair, David Mack, the college’s secretary, and Alan Bernon, the college’s immediate past chair.

Going against the creation of the casino can be traced back to what lawmakers did for sports betting in the Empire State. Bettors across the jurisdiction are prohibited from placing wagers on in-state collegiate schools under the law.

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