Australia Tighten The Grip On Online Gambling Ads

The Australian newspaper received a “secret” report stating that the Federal Government of Australia is looking to amend rules related to gambling advertisements.

By March next year, online gambling services will no longer be permitted to use the phrase “gamble responsibly.” Instead, they will be required to use new slogans encouraging players to consider the consequences of losing a wager.

Seven new slogans for advertising campaigns on television, video, digital, radio, print, social media, billboards, and other promotional materials have been created.

Gambling Reforms

The Australian Government and the State and Territory Governments created the National Framework, a set of consumer protections for online gamblers.

Due to the National Framework, Australians who gamble online are now more protected than ever.

The National Framework comprises ten initiatives designed to empower individuals and make internet gambling safer. Players can exert greater control over their gaming with these simple tools and information. The optional opt-out pre-commitment program is one instrument. The national self-exclusion registration is known as BetStop.

The National Framework will secure all active account holders and will be utilized by all regulated online betting service providers.

A substantial amount of research on human behavior was recently employed to develop new taglines. The Government has just initiated a parliamentary investigation into the harm caused by online gaming.

The investigation will examine consumer protections, counseling and support services, education initiatives, regulation, and licensing schemes, as well as whether laws should be updated to “gambling-like activities” in video games such as loot boxes and social casino games.

The taglines were influenced by the research funded by the federal Department of Social Services and agreed to by the Commonwealth, states, and territories as part of the National Consumer Protection Framework.

In their advertising, Internet gambling companies advise their users to “gamble responsibly.” Come next year; online gambling organizations will be required to include additional messaging in their advertisements on TV, radio, apps, digital or print ads, social media sites, and websites, such as;

  • You are likely about to lose.
  • Consider what you could have purchased instead.
  • Think. Do you truly wish to place this wager?
  • You had some successes. You lose more.
  • What are you willing to sacrifice today? Set a deposit limit.
  • What are you wagering with?
  • What does gambling really cost?

Minister of Social Services Amanda Rishworth states that online gambling is “rapidly becoming a source of gambling and a source of loss for an increasing number of people.”

“When it comes to combating internet gambling, the Albanese Labor government is committed to finding measures that cause the least harm and are realistic,” she added.

According to the research, “the taglines have been rigorously tried and tested to intercept and encourage positive behavior change and direct customers to help-seeking options.

Each tagline works together to reach a broad audience, including the larger community, and bring attention to easily accessible support programs such as Gambling Help Online.”

The Government did not implement a total ban on gambling advertisements, as most Australians desired.

Australians are frequently among the greatest gamblers per capita in the world. They lose nearly $24.9 billion annually to gaming.

Change Is Inevitable

During this time, betting companies are among the largest advertisers in the country, and a large portion of their revenue is used to fund sports leagues. Sportsbet, Australia’s largest online bookmaker, spent AU$187 million on advertising last year.

The Federal Government has provided specific guidelines for using taglines in television, radio, digital, social media, and print advertisements.

Companies have been instructed to “read words slowly, calmly, and evenly” on television and radio.

Lettering must occupy most of the screen in digital and video advertisements, and the guidelines require using Arial type and bold text.

Even though there are seven taglines, only a couple can be utilized by each platform.
Companies have also been advised to alter their taglines annually to “minimize message fatigue.”

The advertisement must conclude with the tagline and information on obtaining assistance.

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