BC.GAME and Argentina Football Association Is A Done Deal

BC.GAME was established in 2017 and quickly scaled up as a community-based crypto casino offering gamers the greatest online gambling opportunities. BC.GAME was one of the first casinos to utilize the Lightning Network, which has put the gaming industry and the blockchain world on the map.

In other words, the Lightning Network allows users to conduct several transactions without waiting for the slower main network to complete each one. When a channel opens and closes, funds can be transmitted back and forth as needed.

BC.GAME is pleased to support the Argentine national team, and World Cup matches in Qatar over the upcoming months. What’s more? Fans and users may now access BC.GAME from anywhere in the world.

Inking of the Deal

The Argentine Football Association (AFA) and BC.GAME, the renowned multiple-award-winning crypto casino, has established a global partnership. The agreement would facilitate the expansion of both brands’ global reach and generate synergies between the businesses and the casino players.

Chris Butler, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of BC.GAME stated, “From a commercial perspective, the Argentine Football Association has shown to be a highly intuitive organization. Many of BC.GAME’s long-term objectives align with the AFA’s intentions to cultivate ties with the leading blockchain firms.”

BC.GAME stated, “This partnership is more than just an arrangement. The objective is to develop a worldwide gateway for the AFA and BC.GAME brands reach more people and find new methods to generate money in various sectors. The most recent contract is a new sponsorship arrangement inside the National Teams platform, which now consists of over 25 firms.

Fans and gamers from all around the world will be able to enjoy the huge variety of entertainment options offered by BC.GAME. Argentinian players will interact with BC.GAME users, including the multiple Ballon D’or winner Lionel Messi, Roma’s Paulo Dybala, and the latest Juventus talisman, Angel Di Maria.

Aiming Higher

This past week, the Argentine Football Association and the virtual betting website Duelbits entered a commercial agreement. However, under the terms of the agreement, Duelbits will become a Regional Sponsor of South American National Teams, except Argentina.

This new connection, more than just an agreement, aims to promote the AFA and BC.GAME brands worldwide to win new followers and generate several revenue streams.

Since BC.GAME just brought sports betting; customers now have access to over 10,000 games. You may participate in live table games, sports games, slot machines, and even the infamous bitcoin crash game.

The Commercial and Marketing Director for AFA, Leandro Petersen, stated, “BC.GAME is at the top of this new industry for online games. In a unique way, the platform combines digital currency with a new way to play games. Fans of the Argentine national team will get a better look at their favorite players.”

Note; BC.GAME has received many accolades, including Crypto Casino of the Year (PR News Wire, 2022). The website takes a variety of well-known cryptocurrencies and has only recently begun taking payments in fiat money.

“As the World Cup approaches, we are really excited about how this partnership could work. It is important for the Association to continue finding new revenue streams and to make more strategic sponsorship deals. Together with AFA, over 25 brands are working on the National Teams project, and we will continue to expand into new markets and sectors. “Petersen added.

Within the following six months, both businesses will collaborate to maximize their alliance as AFA President Claudio Tapia stated: “We are pleased to announce this new partnership with BC.GAME. At the AFA, we are always seeking ways to enhance the experience of our National Team and League supporters via the use of innovative technologies.

We are pleased to welcome BC.GAME as a new business partner to our Association, allowing us to create new digital products and generate more revenue.”

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