Bragg Gaming Group and Kalamba Games Expands and Ventures Into US Markets

Kalamba and Brag’s ORYX Gaming union came about in 2017 with a contract signing. The contract allowed Kalamba to put its popular iGaming content on the ORYX RGS, making it available in the global markets. 

Bragg has extended its strategic content licensing agreement with a select few content development studios, including Kalamba, for distribution in the United States. This agreement covers a handful of games already exclusive to Europe’s ORYX Hub delivery platform.

Firedrake’s Fortune, Gates of Babylon, and Griffin’s Quest, among the popular games in Kalama, will be among the first games distributed on the American Market. Other games that will be up for distribution include Monkey God and Hunag Jin Shu, Asian-themed games.

US markets have expanded and thrived under regulation in recent years. So this is a perfect opportunity for Kalamba games to reach new audiences with the new games with the partnership with Bragg gaming being more crucial. 

Bragg Seeking to Increase Suppliers in NA

Every gaming company is always after a market in the North American parts. And with the enactment of additional iGaming laws, the markets are about to explode. 

The companies will be concentrating on key jurisdictions while keeping an eye out for expansion opportunities. Bragg Gaming Group Americas president Kent Young was enthusiastic about the new method of collaboration. 

Young stated that the company’s private data-driven insights indicate that Kalamba will make a good affiliate and could dominate North America due to its size. However, the developer’s work will be at the expense of Kalamba games for several years. 

The two companies have been collaborating for some time. Since Kalamba launched its first set of video games on the iGaming market in 2017, there has been a demand for the iGaming options since then. The demand has triggered New York state to regulate interactive casinos. 

Kalamba is a trusted partner of Bragg Gaming.  Their relationship is and has been expanding to include the US market. Kalamba may be able to provide a large number of video games, which would be an excellent addition to the current selection. 

These three games, Babylon and Griffin’s Quest, Firedrake’s Fortune, and Gates of Babylon, are all high-quality and could be sold in the United States. 

Kalamba Games is Committed to Maintaining its Growth

Andrew Crosby, the chief commercial officer of Kalamba Games, asserts that the company’s primary objective is to expand across the United States. This collaboration with Bragg Gaming represents a step in that direction.

“We’ve been keeping a close eye on the US iGaming market for some time now, as it offers us and the industry numerous opportunities,” Crosby said. “Due to our long-standing and fruitful partnership with Bragg’s ORYX Gaming, we can offer our high-quality entertainment and engaging games to these new audiences.”

Kalamba has exerted significant effort to promote its games. Internally developed Bullseye RGS technology has enabled its products to be displayed in the storefront windows of over 400 operators. 

However, expanding regulated markets in the United States has prompted more suppliers to seek expansion in other regions.

Kalamba Games in a Nutshell

With a diverse selection of high-quality products and a growing customer base, Kalamba Games is well on its way to becoming one of the leading alternative content providers of the next generation. 

Kalamba Games as a company is an innovative developer of slots and other casino games for real money and free-to-play casinos. Its headquarters are in Malta, and a game development studio is in Krakow, Poland.

The core objective and focus are aimed at creating games that generate revenue and benefit its business partners. It first came to be in 2016 when individuals with significant industry experience and a strong desire to bring the best of social casinos to life. 

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