Could Online Gambling Ever Become Legal in Florida?

Casino gambling and sports betting are subjects that are always on the front pages in Florida and around the country these days. Ron DeSantis was overjoyed when his new gaming agreement was approved by the Florida legislature last year. When it was overturned in federal court in November, the joy turned to depression.

The agreement covers a variety of gaming topics, but sports betting was the most contentious. The agreement envisaged a “hub and spoke” setup in which bets could be made from anywhere in the state as long as the servers were on tribal property.

It’s not difficult to see how this may pave the way for online casino games. However, should the appeal scheduled for next month be upheld, it might be a long way off.

Florida has quite a few professional sports teams, and we see a rise in sports betting when there are professional sports teams in the state. This could spell a great victory for Florida as they have a lot of teams to back the online gambling and sports betting bill if they choose to do so.

Online Gambling is on the Rise but Complicated

In a rising number of states, online gambling on sports or casino games is a major business. There’s been a domino effect in which one state legalizing marijuana has prompted its neighbors to follow suit, which is particularly true on the east coast. After all, it was New Jersey that pushed for the repeal of PASPA in 2018.

In addition to Pennsylvania, Connecticut, West Virginia, Delaware, and Michigan, you may now play at a real money online casino in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, West Virginia, Delaware, and Michigan, and an additional 15 states have authorized online sports betting.

The internet, on the other hand, has no idea of state or national borders. There are a plethora of online casinos available, and although they are not legally licensed to operate in Florida, Floridian gamblers are not violating any laws by accessing them. It’s a little different, but it’s significant.

If individuals in Florida want to gamble online in this day and age, they can and will find a method to do so. However, while such services are formally prohibited, Florida will get no tax income.

At the same time, when compelled to utilize offshore platforms, VPNs, digital wallets, and other similar techniques to evade the system, Florida gamblers will have little protection from dishonest operators. It serves no one and reveals why Governor DeSantis was so anxious to have the new agreement passed.

There have been lots of instances where this has really hurt people in the past, and it is obvious that DeSantis does not want it to continue.

The Online Gambling Decision is Being Appealed

The series is evolving into a strange mix of Bleak House and Judge Judy, with the next chapter set to air in April. The appeals court will determine whether the appeal against the federal ruling from November may be considered or will be rejected for lack of jurisdiction at that time.

It will not preclude sports betting in Florida if the compact is not resurrected. Because Hard Rock Casinos are situated on the tribal ground, they may provide it anytime they choose. However, it will be the last nail in the coffin for internet betting.

As for the gambling community in Florida, they’ll simply keep doing what they’re doing until a safer or more advantageous method of making distant bets emerges. Once this happens, you can expect a rush to the online gaming and sports betting applications in the future.

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