CT Interactive Expansion Plans in Italy via Partnership With MondoGaming

CT Interactive has expanded its footprint across Europe by partnering with the Italian operator MondoGaming. The worldwide content supplier will provide its Italian partner with twenty exciting games and a three-tier prize that has been certified for the country.

A few weeks before the cooperation with Mondo Gaming, CT Interactive, the largest manufacturer of products for the online gambling business, announced that it would extend its presence in Europe. This time in Spain, a significant market on the Old Continent, more of the company’s products have been approved.

The Partnership

CT Interactive has expanded significantly regarding what it can offer and where it can reach during the past decade. CT Interactive’s games are popular in online and mobile gaming because they keep players captivated with bespoke and classic content that simulates a real casino.

CT Interactive will provide MondoGaming with 20 games in the future. Milena Tsankarska, the business manager at CT Interactive, commented on the agreement as follows:

“Our goal is to increase our market share in Italy, and we believe MondoGaming is the ideal approach to accomplish so. We are confident that this is the beginning of a prosperous relationship.”

The company has steadily expanded into new and emerging areas while improving its presence in its key markets over the past few years. Keeping abreast of what operators and players desire, the organization always offers a product that matches and fulfills their needs.

“Since obtaining a certificate for Italy the previous year, we have worked with some of the country’s most successful operators, and we continue to do so. This demonstrates that our goods are well-received there, something of which we are quite happy,” stated Lachezar Petrov, CEO of CT Interactive.

Mondo Gambling is a B2B and B2C gaming sector sports betting software solution. It was founded in 2012 after many years of direct consumer contact between 2006 and 2011. 

They can offer customers a variety of solutions, including White Label, in which they provide the service, and handle it directly from the management; Turnkey, in which they provide the service, and you manage it yourself; and Half-Way, in which they provide the service and help you decide what you want to manage.

Matteo Dimatteo, the chief executive officer of MondoGaming, remarked, “We are enthusiastic about our new cooperation with CT Interactive. It will provide us both additional benefits.”

CT Interactive Expansion Plans Continue

According to Petrov, this is not the first time CT Interactive has attempted to sell products in Italy. The provider has partnered with other major players in the country’s iGaming business, including Microgame. Consequently, CT Interactive has been able to offer a variety of excellent games to what the firm refers to as a “critical market.”

CT Interactive has just obtained a comparable certification for the Colombian market, contributing to its newfound success in Spain. This increased the company’s visibility in countries where its Mystery Jackpot and other games were authorized. This gave operators access to essential material and opportunities to retain and acquire new consumers.

Milena Tsankarska stated that the company is pleased to see more of its games certified in Spain. She concurred that the market and area are crucial to the firm’s success. Tsankarska continued by stating that the company’s accreditation of more games demonstrates that its products are high quality and legal.

Before this month, CT Interactive expanded its operations in Latin America by partnering with Slots Del Sol. So, the corporation provided the expanding iGaming operator with sixty games.

Tsankarska argues that the new games stand out due to their superior graphics and sound effects. She also remarked that casino games provide several fantastic features. According to the company’s EMEA business development manager, Hot Luck’s interactive jackpot is a novel approach for operators to engage players.

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