Delaware Online Casinos Rake In Record Numbers for March 2024

Delaware’s online casino revenue for March 2024 reached a record $4.63 million, according to the Delaware Lottery.

This number is a 19.68% increase from Delaware’s February 2024 gaming revenue, which was a previous net revenue record of $3.87 million in total. It is also a staggering 224.68% year-over-year rise.

Reports also mentioned that the total spend in March stood at $136.0m. This was up 227.7% from $41.5m in March 2023 and 16.0% ahead of February’s $117.2m total spend. Approximately $85.3m was bet on video lottery and $50.7m online table games of the total amount wagered by players in March.

In terms of revenue, online slots raked in $3.33 million. Meanwhile, online video accounted for $3.3m of monthly revenue, and table game revenue was $1.30 million.

Which Online Casino Operators Brought In the Most Revenue?

The same report noted that the total March online casino revenue of $4,631,369, most of the money (45%) came once again from Delaware Park with $2,073,258. Second place goes to Harrington with $1,607,016, and Bally’s Dover lands on the third spot at $951,095.

Both Bally’s Dover and Harrington reported monthly revenue increases, while Delaware Park dropped from February. That said, collectively, the three locations generated substantial revenue growth for this period, in contrast to last year’s year-on-year numbers. 

It is worth noting that the state’s three operators rolled out new online casino platforms in January 2024. Since then, the number of registrations have increased, with the number of registrations in March (4,229) falling 27.64% from February (5,844). Such numbers indicate that during the month of February, promo deductions rose monthly, suggesting that many players took advantage of welcome bonuses while using the app.

The introduction of new platforms that are readily available to the consumers have been a positive for the online casino industry in Delaware, since players have shown great interest and engagement.

On the side of sports betting, March revenue reportedly totaled to $1.0 million. This is a 89.2% increase, which is has seen a steady rise from last year’s $544,385 and an 83.8% rise from February’s $560,449. Many cite that January’s introduction of Delaware Lottery’s inaugural online sportsbook, powered by Rush Street Interactive (RSI) and BetRivers is instrumental for  in sports betting activity was propelled by .

Delaware Park once again came out on top in sports betting revenue for March, earning $681,548 from $13.1 million in bets. Meanwhile, Harrington Raceway secured the second position, raking in  $176,583 worth of revenue from $3.3 million in bets, while Bally’s Dover places third place, with $113,692 generated from $1.5 million in bets.

Expansion Efforts of Online Sports Betting in Delaware

Delaware is one of the US states that have legalized online casinos. Given that sports betting has been gaining popularity, some legislators in The First State are aiming to legalize online sports betting in their jurisdiction.

House Bill 365 is the proposed amendment to Delaware’s online sports betting law that has been introduced in the State House of Representatives. This bill aims to expand the online sports betting market by introducing more options for their citizens to play in. This equates to allowing casinos to partner with multiple sports books. It’s currently assigned to the House Administration Committee for consideration.

State Representatives Franklin Cooke and William Bush introduced the bill. Cooke stated that the addition of online sports betting in the First State means additional revenue will benefit programs for the treatment, education and assistance of compulsive gamblers and problem gambling.

Legislators are hoping for more support of the bill’s passing following good turnout of sports betting: retail sports betting contributed $58,273 in monthly revenue from $990,664 in bets across Delaware. These recent numbers have indicated that conventional and online casinos can coexist since they cater to different demographics and provide different betting experiences.

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