Digital Technology Penetration to Enable Online Gambling Market’s Customer Base Growth and Foster Valuation of Business to Over 134.5B by 2027

The penetration of digital techs and the internet has dramatically shaped the progression dynamics of gambling. Over the past few decades, advanced strategies in marketing online gambling, notably through social online casino gaming, have taken center stage. This has prompted customers affiliated with digital platforms to maximize the leverage created by online gambling platforms to quench their gambling needs.

Online gambling marketing has turned out as a critical trend towards the steady expansion of the iGaming market. Concurrently, the online gambling market has witnessed a tremendous rise in the number of online gamblers. These numbers are crucial in offering expansive prospects for gaming companies who passionately embrace this golden chance to expand their reach via the fast-growing internet-based platforms. Despite the strict lockdowns and revocation of live events, a faction of gamblers resorted to online gambling, thereby impacting the market’s growth curve positively.

A closer look at the recent market surveys shows that the significant growth in online gambling came from gaming deregulating processes. These are the essential processes that have spurred the upward shift in gambling. By the end of 2027, the online gaming market is projected to have clocked a whooping US$ 134.5Bn with a potential to grow further. The penetration of smartphones within Gen Y and Z cohorts will allow the online gambling market to undertake new expansion paths.

The Key Finding of Online Gambling Study

Adoption of Casino Offers Value-Grabbing Opportunities

Casino gaming has scaled new heights thanks to the penetrating wave of digital technologies within the gambling cohorts. Recently, the industry has witnessed several intense initiatives to put gambling on mainstream platforms, which have significantly paid off. Additionally, the recent trending fashion of having the gambling market sponsor several watched events such as the Barclays English Premier League has further projected new openings in the online gaming sector. Besides opening up the iGaming industry, the adoption will also breed more job opportunities for the U.S.

Online Gaming Accelerating Overall Growth- New Platforms Activation

Over the past decades, online gaming’s popularity has surged tremendously, backed up by the proliferation of online gambling channels. With the market penetration into the digital media platforms, we are likely to witness an expansion never seen before. This will create more opportunities which eventually lead to more entries into the market.

Mobile Devices Anchors Massive Potential Revenue Increase- Segment to Thrive

The rise in active internet usage has provided an enormous flip in demand for online gambling. The mobile segment is turning out to be replete with potential opportunities. Also, the rise in extensive targeted promotions and advertisements, notably by giant social media companies, has progressively helped carve out a positive public view towards gambling. Even more, easy access on mobile devices has witnessed a massive attraction of social gambling within the canvas of players who want to quench their casino thirst.

Major Insights and Aspects Studied When Reviewing the Online Gambling Market

  • The rise in mega-sports events such as several league systems has propelled incredible growth in online gambling
  • Penetration of digital technologies which constantly spur the popularity of online casino leading to exponential growth in the online gambling revenue potential
  • The ongoing push towards the liberation of the gambling regulatory frameworks has attracted market players to grow their stakes
  • New product launching that is inspired by the recent changes in the natural and environmental factors
  • New strategies employed by various industry players to gain relevance in micromarketing
  • The revitalization of approaches in customer relationship management that will be used post-Covid era in the online gambling market


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