DraftKings Expands Responsible Gaming Pledge with BetBlocker Partnership

DraftKings, a sports betting operator, has partnered with the non-profit BetBlocker to promote its self-exclusion program and make it more user-friendly.

Customers can restrict gambling on numerous devices for thousands of gaming sites in all regions, regardless of whether the sites are regulated or the operators are licensed.

DraftKings demonstrates its commitment to fair gaming by partnering with a non-profit organization to develop technologies to prevent excessive gambling.

DraftKings, the leader in iGaming and sports betting in the United States, is collaborating with BetBlocker of Scotland to add responsible gaming options to its online betting platform. BetBlocker facilitates the blocking of tens of thousands of legal and unlawful gaming sites.

“BetBlocker’s efforts to make gambling safer are commendable, and DraftKings is delighted to engage with this ambitious and innovative non-profit that is pushing for user-friendly and all-encompassing responsible gaming.” According to Chrissy Thurmond, executive director of responsible gaming at DraftKings, Casino.org.

Thurmond stated, “We agree with BetBlocker that technology and innovative concepts are necessary to make games safer.”

BetBlocker is primarily a self-exclusion application that can ban many websites simultaneously. The software also includes a tool for parents who wish to restrict their children’s access to gambling websites on mobile devices and desktop P.C.s.

Global First

BetBlocker claims to be the world’s first free website blocker for online gambling. The application is compatible with iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows, among others.

Users can specify how long they wish to be barred from online casinos and betting sites. There are options ranging from a few days to five years.

BetBlocker is widely used in the United Kingdom and Europe, where online gambling is prevalent. Still, the company hopes that its collaboration with DraftKings will increase its visibility among U.S. online gamblers and make it easier to use.

BetBlocker’s Head of Safer Gambling Partnerships, Pedro Romero, is ecstatic that sports betting and gaming company DraftKings is assisting BetBlocker in expanding its platform outside the U.K. and Europe.

Romero asserts that BetBlocker was impressed by DraftKings’ previous pledges to promote responsible gambling. DraftKings assisted the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) in expanding its operations in Washington, D.C., in 2019.

This agreement centered mainly on the NCPG’s Safer Sports Betting Initiative and the council’s plans to enhance its Internet Responsible Gaming Standards.

Forever Free

Because DraftKings and BetBlocker are collaborating, it will be simple to integrate the website blocker into iGaming and sports betting apps and websites. BetBlocker asserts that its software is free and accessible to everyone, regardless of whether they utilize DraftKings.

BetBlocker’s website states that “gambling addiction is a hazardous condition frequently associated with financial issues.”

In contrast to our competitors, we do not believe it is fair to tax those who are already struggling to make ends meet so they can receive the treatment they need to control their addiction.

BetBlocker is not the only way to prevent internet gambling. However, these competitors, especially Gamban and GAMSTOP, frequently charge iGaming companies for the addition of their responsible gaming features.

BetBlocker is a registered charity in Scotland. The charity receives funding from the people it assists and corporate partners such as DraftKings.

Personal Data Protection

BetBlocker allows users to download the software without providing personal information, and it does not save this data.

BetBlocker provides gamblers with a selection of time limits (1-5 days, 1-3 weeks, 1-6 months, and 1-5 years) and the ability to block specific days of the week, such as Saturdays and Sundays.

“BetBlocker is pleased to have the support of DraftKings, an industry leader in the sports betting and gaming industries, to deliver our software to gamers in the United States and Canada,” said Pedro Romero, BetBlocker’s chief of safer gambling partnerships.

“DraftKings’s leadership in responsible gaming has impressed us, and we appreciate their engagement and financial support as we work to promote safer play technologies.”

We want other operators to follow DraftKings’ lead and go above and above what is required in each location to ensure that all players know how to bet correctly and are equipped with the necessary tools.”


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