Empire Technological Group to Buy U.S. Slot Machine Business from Aruze Gaming

Commonly going by Play Synergy, the Empire Technological Group, has announced plans to buy the U.S. slot machine business from Aruze Gaming.

Commonly going by Play Synergy, the Empire Technological Group, has announced plans to buy the U.S. slot machine business from Aruze Gaming. This comes after the latter company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in February 2023 at the Bankruptcy Court for the State of Nevada. Last week, the company also laid off 100 workers as part of closing its Las Vegas office.

Aruze may have filed for bankruptcy to reorganize its corporation. It all started when Aruze decided against its one shareholder, leading to a garnishment ruling against the firm.

According to CEO Yugo Kinoshita, filing bankruptcy protection was a critical strategy following external factors that the company could not prevent. Yugo also noted that the decision was the best strategy for maintaining the company’s health.

Aruze is a slot machine and roulette games developer. The company has one shareholder, Kazuo Okada, a Japanese businessman. Aruze provides its content to land-based and online casinos in the U.S.

By acquiring the Azure slot machine business, Play Synergy will be responsible for various things, including support, sales, service, and operations. Neither of the two firms has disclosed financial terms about the acquisition. But, Play Synergy has revealed that the transaction could be complete in a month.

Aruze is the developer of the popular Rock Paper Scissors slot and Roll to Win Craps machines. The firm awaits court and regulatory approvals before transferring its slot machine business to Play Synergy.

Who is Play Synergy?

Play Synergy is not new in the gambling market. The company has its own casino content, including slot machines, table games, and poker. Ideally, the company started by developing and distributing Golden From Baccarat.

The company has grown to develop slot machines such as the Lucky and Penny series, poker, and electronic keno. Play Synergy has also created several blackjack variations.

That’s not all. Play Synergy also provides table game technology to live casino operators. Dubbed SMRT Choice, this technology can be tailored across different poker, blackjack, and baccarat variations.

Saving Aruze Employees’ Jobs

Play Synergy might save some job roles for employees at Azure. This is according to a statement released by Play Synergy President Frank Feng.

Frank said that his company, Aruze, and other stakeholders were working together to provide most of the employees at Aruze with new jobs or opportunities. According to Frank, this will help reduce the disruption caused by the loss of employment.

Unfortunately, Play Synergy could not tell how many jobs it could save. But, the company promised a smooth transition and a commitment to Aruze’s clients.

According to a statement released by Play Synergy, the company recognized that acquiring Aruze’s America’s slot machine business was unsettling to the current clients. However, the company assured clients that itself and the team members joining from Aruze were committed to ensuring a smooth transition and excellent customer support.

Play Synergy will get more than the employees from Aruze. The company will also get its hands on Rock Paper Scissors, a backyard game developed into a high-energy slot machine, among other games.

Rock Paper Scissors made its debut on the last day of the 2022 Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas. Like the hand game, the Rock Paper Scissors slot allows players to predict whether the machine will show rock, paper, or scissors in the next spin.

Aruze leveraged a familiar game to create one of the most exciting machine games. The best part is that the game is not a game of luck but a game of skill and luck, contrary to most slot machines.

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