Evoplay On A Mission to Expand Footprint in Italy After a Deal with Scommettendo

Scommettendo is the latest prominent name in the iGaming business that Evoplay has been able to secure a partnership with, thanks to its ability to collaborate with industry titans. As the market leader in one of Europe’s most promising markets, the Italian operator has attracted many competitors.

Scommettendo cares more about casino games. It has a sportsbook with a variety of lucrative promotions and bonuses. However, experienced gamblers may prefer to avoid the costs and betting alternatives. Scommettendo is distinguished because it is a trustworthy bookmaker and casino: a site where you may wager and keep your money secure.

The well-known game developer and publisher Evoplay is expanding in Italy, one of Europe’s most lucrative marketplaces. This growth was made possible by collaborating with Scommettendo, a local iGaming operator. Scommettendo has introduced 52 profitable casino slots to the operator’s library.

Evoplay will launch with Scommettendo, providing the operator’s platform with exclusive titles. This will increase their visibility among Italian players, bringing more visitors to Scommettendo’s online casino.

The Content Partnership

Vladimir Malakchi, the CCO of Evoplay, stated: “We are ecstatic to have struck a contract with a reputable operator like Scommattendo. This further enhances our presence on the Italian market.”

This partnership is crucial to our economic model, and we’re thrilled to reach more players than ever in the region with our most unique content.

The studio asserts that adding Evoplay’s casino games will substantially increase the Italian operator’s product offering by attracting additional site traffic and encouraging players to engage with its creative items.”

Scommettendo players can now play various games, including Fruit Super Nova, Hot Triple Sevens, and Eleven Princesses. Both Scommettendo and Evoplay will profit from Scommettendo’s ability to increase Evoplay’s visibility in the iGaming sector.

Incorporating Evoplay’s well-known suite of casino goods will significantly enhance Scommettendo’s offers, attracting new visitors and increasing player interest in the site’s novel options.

This is a crucial move for Evoplay, which was only recently legalized for the expanding Italian market and has already reached a partnership arrangement with Sportbet. This is part of the company’s remarkable market expansion in Italy.

Scommettendo is a long-established Italian corporation with a significant portion of the Italian online market. They provide an expanding user base and a comprehensive iGaming platform with high-quality online casino games.

Rosalba Turrisi, the product manager for Scommettendo, was equally enthusiastic about the concept. Turrisi stated that Evoplay has a vast assortment of games that provide the best experiences for customers.

“In addition to retro and Vegas-style fruit games, the developer offers a wide variety of themes and experiences that are certain to suit our clients,” added Turrisi. This time with Novibet, Evoplay has announced another significant partnership. Italy continues to be an essential market for online gaming developers.

About The Partners

2013 saw the introduction of Scommettendo casino, an Italian gaming website. Even though it is primarily known as an online multi-provider casino, it has gained the trust of local sports bettors.

Scommettendo’s sportsbook allows wagers on approximately thirty different sports. There are specialty sports in addition to soccer, tennis, and basketball, the most popular. Scommettendo Italy is accessible via the People’s Poker Network and Ongame Network.

Evoplay has been one of the leading providers of integrated solutions for online gaming since 2003, and the company’s growth has been consistent. Based on the developers’ many years of experience in the online entertainment sector, the products are favored by millions of players worldwide.

Evoplay is always talking about how they want to solve their customers’ problems effectively, and their solution achieves just that while also providing excellent value. The company believes that the success of a game depends not only on how well it utilizes modern technology but also on how creatively it generates game concepts and prototypes.

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