Eyewitnesses to Fatal Golden Nugget Shooting Remain Traumatized by the Weekend Event, The Dual Plan to Sue the Facility

Two witnesses to Biloxi, Mississippi’s Golden Nugget Casino weekend murder say they are traumatized by the fatal incident. According to a local TV report, the two plan to sue the gaming facility.

Tony Glenn told WLOX, a Mississippi TV station, “That moment is never going to leave me. I will never forget that moment, ever, in my life, and it is going to be with us for the rest of our lives.”

He added, “Now if I hear a pop, a sound, anything, …I’m freaking out because of this.”

Both Glenn and his friend, Justin Eldridge, who both live in Panama City, Flamingo, are to receive counseling, Glenn told the station. In addition, the lack of metal detectors and other security features are ground for a case against the casino, Glenn told WLOX.

“I’m going to take legal action on them because this is going to traumatize us for the rest of our lives,” the station quoted Glenn.

Glenn and her partner Eldridge were at the casino early Saturday to celebrate Eldridge’s birthday. The pair were in the casino wagering when Glenn went to get a soda.

Eyewitness Accounts

Glenn drew near to Jereme Lamond Jones, 30, who was later apprehended for first-degree murder.

Glenn said, “I passed by the guy. I didn’t see his face. I saw him from the waist down, and I saw the gun. He pointed the gun straightwards, it was pointing directly at me at that point, and I took off running, and the next thing I heard was, ‘bam, bam, bam, bam.’”

Eldridge fled to safety in the nearby women’s lavatory. He was communicating with Glenn on his mobile phone. Eldridge didn’t know where Glenn was, and he was worried that he had been wounded. But then Glenn knocked on the washroom door, and Eldridge welcomed him in.

There were two older women in the restroom, and Glenn said they were panicking.

He added, “All we heard was gunshots at this point. Nobody knows what that feels like.”

Another witness, Rosie Hartfield, heard that Jones reportedly snicked into the casino armed with a firearm.

Speaking with WPMI, an Alabama TV station, Hartfield said, “someone right by me … was shooting at someone else. The guy is really down on the floor.”

Other casino visitors scattered on hearing the gunshots. A short moment later, some police officers searched the casino floor for the suspect. The violent scene was video-recorded and later posted on YouTube by WLOX and Danny Barnett.

Jones was later taken into police custody near the casino. Earlier this week, he was being held at the Harrison County Adult Detention Center. He was given a $1 million bond.

Randy Johnson, 41, of Gulfport, Mississippi, died at the crime scene. He was a coiffeur and a father of three kids.

However, according to the initial report, no one else was physically injured.

Jones as a College Footballer

WPMI revealed that Jones is a famous Mobile, Alabama, athlete. He was a wide receiver on the football team while in college at the University of South Alabama. The station stated that he was eligible for the NFL draft in 2015.

Furthermore, WPMI identified him as a one-time coach at McGill-Toolen Catholic High School in Mobile.

Casino.org reached out to Biloxi’s Golden Nugget Casino for immediate statements, but the gaming facility spokesman gave no comments. It remains unclear what brought about the shooting. Local cops continue to probe the murder.

Biloxi’s Golden Nugget is located on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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