Fort Laurdale, Fla. – The possibility of an online casino industry in the Sunshine State can become a reality. This comes from the recent developments pertaining to the Supreme Court denying the petition for writ of certiorari from West Flager Associates (WFA) against the Seminole Tribe of Florida.

WFA petitioned the court to consider its attempt to invalidate a 2021 compact between the tribe and the State of Florida. The compact grants the tribe exclusivity on mobile sports wagering in the state.

The decision was the latest setback for West Flagler Associates and the Bonita-Fort Myers Corp., which operate racetracks and poker rooms in Florida. In March, the Florida Supreme Court ruled that the companies had filed the wrong type of petition to challenge the 2021 compact between the Seminole Tribe of Florida and Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration.

Gaming attorney Daniel Wallach stated that the ruling provides a pathway for the Seminole Tribe and the State of Florida to negotiate an amendment to the existing compact that would include online casino gaming, also known as iGaming, under the Seminole Tribe’s control.

The companies noted the compact gives the tribe a sports betting monopoly in the nation’s third-most populous state and that the U.S. Department of Interior wrongly approved the compact even though it violates the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, which requires that gambling occur on tribal lands.

“What’s important with today’s announcement is that the most significant barrier to online sports betting in Florida has been removed,” Wallach stated.

How Can Online Casinos Start in Florida?

Wallach noted that eventually, Florida will have online casinos available for its residents,

“The question is when, and what kind of horse trading will be necessary to nullify any opposition to that amended contract? And that might require providing a pathway into Florida for online sports betting to FanDuel or DraftKings or any other company that could loom as a potential spoiler for iGaming.”

Last year, the Seminole tribe launched its online sports betting operation, and the tribe noted that Florida’s share of revenues is already $357 million from last December through May. State economic forecasters predict that the revenue sharing from tribal gambling could total $4.4 billion through the end of this decade.

Wallach also added that it might be the subject of negotiation for stakeholders going forward, but the Seminole Tribe holds all the cards right now. According to Wallach, he estimates that Florida could soon establish a foothold and become one of the most important gambling states in the United States,

“I think we’re three years or less away from Florida becoming the most significant state for online casino gaming and transforming the Sunshine Capital to maybe the most powerful digital gaming state in the United States, certainly in terms of market size, but not the number of operators,” Wallach stated.

Which States Have Legalized Online Casinos?

Currently, there are seven US states that have legalized online casino games. These states include Michigan, Connecticut, West Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and most recently Rhode Island. These states have been reaping the revenue from their online casinos, and some of them even have recorded numbers in their earnings since having their online casinos legalized and readily available for the public.

Residents who want to play their favorite online slot games can do so while also availing of various bonuses and promotions to get the most out of their spins and bankrolls.

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