Gaming Regulators in Las Vegas and Nevada emphasize Mask Mandate to all Casinos

The Nevada Gaming Control Board has strongly reaffirmed the policy stating that all casinos and gaming venues should comply with the recent mask mandates.

The offenders found by the Gaming Commission going against the regulation will face harsh disciplinary actions, which include business suspension, license revoking, and penalties. As more people continue to stream into Nevada and Las Vegas for various New Year activities, the policies of mask mandate are to be followed strictly.

The last two weeks have been the most challenging for the business premises in the United States. The country had it in mind that the pandemic and its worst chapters had been left behind. 

Unfortunately, the Omicron variant of coronavirus, a super-spreader, landed in the United States, making the number of daily COIVID-19 cases reach a record high.


Nevada Issues a Public Reminder for People to Follow-Up on the Mask Mandates

Due to the rising coronavirus cases in the United States and the emergence of a more contagious variant, Nevada Gaming Control Board issued a statement on 29th December 2021 reaffirming the mask mandate. Things are anticipated to get tough as mask regulation tightens, with Las Vegas set to receive more than 300,000 visitors for the New Year celebrations. 

Although flights from various states have been canceled, the number of arrivals from the open states and the local visitors is set to increase.

The casino games license holders and the managers of the other gaming venues are reminded by the Nevada Gaming Control Board that the mask mandate should be adhered to strictly. Failure to comply with the mask policy will lead to serious enforcement actions. 

All the social gathering venues are expected to enforce the Emergency Directive 45 signed by Gov. Steve Sisolak.

According to Emergency Directive 45, local and international visitors should wear masks at all times while in public places, regardless of the vaccinated status.

Recently, in March 2021, the Mohegan Sun Casino, based in Virgin Hotels Las Vegas, was penalized $60,000 for failure to comply with the mask mandate. It’s now believed that the regulators might be going for the more significant penalties as the casino stakes get higher for the festive season celebrations. 

Apart from the consequences of heavy penalties to the offenders, the board can also revoke the license for casinos that fail to deliberate as per the appropriate course of operation.


You Can Lose Your Casino License If You Fail to Meet the Mask Mandate

The Nevada Gaming Control Board encourages the public to comply with the governor’s mandate on mask use. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also advises on the proper and consistent wearing of the mask to prevent the Omicrons virus variant from getting into the roots of our life and causing more harm.

As Nevada prepares to host many people and substantial activities for the New Year holiday, the Nevada Gaming Control Board intensifies the enforcement of Emergency Directive 045. Therefore, whenever you go to a casino to enjoy your favorite game, masking up is a requirement to ensure the ultimate safety of the residents and visitors.

The Mask mandate got a reaffirmation in early December due to the emergence of the Omicron virus and the continued spread of COVID-19 through the United States. Now it’s happening again. 

It was more worrisome when the State recorded 253,245 COVID-19 cases, the highest value ever recorded since the wake of coronavirus.

Fortunately, even though the Omicron variant is more infectious, it doesn’t seem to increase the mortality rate. Regardless of that, Nevada and Las Vegas have enforced strict mask mandates to avoid the return of lockdown that will affect the gaming activities, especially the casinos.

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