Hard Rock Casino Comeback with RFID Uniform Management System to Manage 1,200 Staff

The Northern Indiana Hard Rock Casino has succeeded using the InvoTech RFID Inventory Control system. The company seeks to implement the Uniform System at Hard Rock Casino in Indiana. InvoTech Systems is a leading Linen Management Provider. It also supplies uniform Systems and Laundry services. The service integrates the latest RFID technology to maximize its service provisions to its clients. Its top clients include hotels, resorts, casino operators, conventional centers, sports arenas, and theme parks. 

Hard Rock Casino seeks to use the InvoTech RFID technology for its uniform inventory management system. The technology is used for the 1200 Hard Rock employee’s uniforms. The move makes it part of the large InvoTech’s clientele, including Native American casinos throughout the country. 

RFID Technology Maximizes Company Savings

The new technology was launched on 14th May at the Gary’s Hard Rock Casino. The company has put in measures to maximize cost savings and increase productivity for the company. The IT Company, InvoTech, gives on-site installation and training services. It ensures the company uniforms are issued and recorded in the company systems accurately. Gary’s casino marks the need for phase one construction of the casino facility. The completion of phase two will result in a 200 room hotel by the end of 2022. 

The president of Human Resources at Hard Rock, Dawn Reynolds Pettit, said,

“A fully operational and turn-key system is critical in helping create a cohesive back of house operation, which helps ensure front of house operations are set up for success. The InvoTech System helped us make that possible.”

To have seamless operations, the RFID technology at the Gary’s Casino is intertwined with an automated uniform conveyor system for easier distribution of the uniforms to a thousand plus employees. It records the type of employees taken by particular employees. Hard Rock casino used to work with handheld RFID readers to scan uniforms. The InvoTech system integrates the two systems and gives it a seamless performance. 

The director of sales and marketing at InvoTech had this to say on the company’s savings efficiency, “The InvoTech RFID technology instantly provides additional savings through increased efficiency. InvoTech has extensive experience increasing profitability for Hard Rock Casino Organizations. We understand their operations and how to help them keep more of their revenue in-house.”

RFID Table Top Uniform Processing Station works hand in hand with Signature Capture and Conveyor Doors. In tandem, they provide contactless transactions while streamlining uniform operations in the company. Employees also play a significant role in ensuring the flow of the garments in the supply chain. They return all dirty clothes in a laundry chute with InvoTech’s RFID technology. The system records all uniforms returned by Rock’s employees and enters the hard rock uniforms database in real-time. The technology removes the need to have a large workforce working on the uniforms department. It’s a fantastic labor-intensive technology.  

700 Happy Customers and Counting

InvoTech Systems has served over 700 happy customers across the globe. The services are spread across 36 companies. InvoTech’s customers include hotels, laundries, cleanrooms, conventional centers, medical centers, stadiums, and arenas. Most companies are confident to use InvoTech products since major world’s renowned brands like LEGOLAND, Intel, Pfizer, Caesars Entertainment, Resorts, and MGM International use the product.

Hard Rock Casino in Indiana is in proximal location to over 200,000 cars passing nearby every day. It’s adjacent to the I-80/94 Burr Street Interchange. Hard Rock is the only casino with freeway access in the Northern Indiana gambling market. You must be at least 21 years to play at the casino. Seminole Hard Rock Digital LLC launched the $300 million facilities on 14th May. It lies on over 200,000 square foot featuring 80 table games, 1600 slots, and over 2100 gaming positions in the facility. It will as well feature a retail shop and soon lunch a 1954 live player’s venue.

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