Hawaii Legislators to Consider Some Gaming Bills

Hawaii bettors may be in for some exciting news shortly. The state legislature is debating five proposals, each of which would establish or pave the way for gambling in the Aloha State.

Hawaii and Utah are the only two states in the United States that do not allow any form of gambling. Legislators have studied all five House Bills and referred them to committees for further consideration.

Two proposals also deal with the idea of establishing a state lottery in Hawaii. There is no state lottery in the Aloha State. In addition, Hawaii does not participate in multi-state lottery games like Mega Millions or Powerball.

Sports aficionados on the island will be pleased to learn that a bill has been introduced in Hawaii to allow sports betting. The proposed bill would enable state-licensed sportsbooks to operate.

Bettors might utilize mobile applications to place prop bets, in-play bets, and straight bets, among other things. Regrettably, the law would prohibit wagering on fantasy sports competitions.

Could a Casino be Inbound for Hawaii?

Hawaii is one of the few states in the United States that does not have any land-based casinos. Two measures in the House of Representatives might change that.

HB 1962 would allow for the creation of a study on the possible earnings from casinos. HB 1820 would take things a step further by establishing a casino near Waikiki Beach.

In the past, legislators in Hawaii have attempted to legalize gambling. Previous attempts, however, failed because of worries about the cost of creating casinos as well as the risk to public safety. HB 1962 aims to address these concerns.

The research would be sponsored by the state of Hawaii’s general income. The measure would take effect at the beginning of July if it were to pass. The investigation is expected to be completed before the start of the 2023 session.

The Hawaii Gaming Control Commission would also be established under HB1820 to regulate the casino. It would also impose a gross revenues wagering tax. A Hawaii gaming fund and a problematic gambler program would be established under the measure.

A Hawaii State Lottery Could Come Soon

There are two bills in committee that deal with creating a lottery in Hawaii, in addition to the two proposals involving a casino. The development of a Hawaii Lottery and Gaming Corporation is called for in House Bill 2040. Revenue from the lottery would go toward community betterment under HB 2040.

HB 2485, on the other hand, proposes the establishment of a lottery commission. The lottery funding would be used by the Commission to combat invasive species challenges.

The Corporation would utilize lottery proceeds to support community improvement initiatives, according to the present law. Funding for education initiatives, aiding in the funding of professional development for instructors, and solving heat abatement concerns in public schools are just a few of the projects cited.

HB 2485, the other lottery measure, differs from HB 2040 in important ways. For starters, rather than the Hawaii Lottery and Gaming Corporation, HB 2485 would create the Hawaii State Lottery Commission.

The director of the Commission would be in charge of deciding the sorts of games that would be accessible. Instead of the quarterly reports required by HB 2040, HB 2485 would demand monthly revenue reporting.

Some commonalities may be seen between the legislation. Both legislation would require players to be at least 18 years old to participate.

In addition, they would both establish new regulatory agencies to regulate the lottery. Both legislation would also allow Hawaii to participate in multi-state lottery games.

Could Sports Betting be Legalized in Hawaii?

A new casino and a state lottery aren’t the only wagering possibilities on the table. A bill to authorize sports betting in Hawaii is also being considered by legislators.

Sports betting is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the United States. Many other states have seen their sportsbooks produce hundreds of millions of dollars in income.

HB 1973 also lays out the rules for sports betting operations, including initial licensing costs. Licensed operators would be supervised by the Department of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism. Sports betting would be distinguished from games of chance or gambling under HB 1973.

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