Iconic Game developer Real Dealer Studios Broadens Territory

Kaizen Gaming, a “tier one” operator, desires to “stand out” from its rivals after striking a contract with Real Dealer Studios, the pacesetter to create online casino games that resemble movies.

Real Dealer Studios is recognized for creating games with cinematic production standards and intense one-on-one gameplay. It has lately established a deal to offer its cinematically designed portfolio in Romania and Greece.

This is made possible by a relationship with Kaizen Gaming, an iGaming company with licenses and operations in both jurisdictions.

Real Dealer’s cinematic RNG games, which feature recorded videos of dealers and gameplay, combine the film and iGaming industries.

Real Dealer Studios will therefore create new games for both Stoiximan and Betano. Titles termed “cinematic random number generators” are used by the corporation (RNG).

“Our cinematic RNG games have been great hits in a lot of other areas, and we hope they will do the same in Greece and Romania,” said Real Dealer Studios’ commented Chief Product Officer Shane Cotter of Real Dealer Studios, one of the initial developers of online casino games.

A few months ago, Real Dealer Studios agreed with William Hill. In January and February, customers on the .com and .uk markets will have access to five of Real Dealer Studios’ most popular titles. The new cooperation between William Hill and Mr. Green has made this possible.

Real Dealer hungry for more

Cotter stated that Real Dealer’s recent actions allow the company to expand into additional regulated markets in Europe and, perhaps, worldwide. The manager of Kaizen Gaming Live Casino, Christos Mavridis, was just as delighted about the prospect.

Real Dealer’s approach to developing games has been labeled “pioneering,” It often utilizes professional actors, film directors, and complete post-production crews to ensure the experience feels like it came straight out of Hollywood.

“Real Dealer is the deal. Its cinematic RNG casino games are unlike anything else on the market and deliver unprecedented enjoyment and excitement.” Christos Mavridis, the manager of Kaizen Gaming Live Casino, also commented.

“Integrations such as this enable us to distinguish ourselves from our competition and set the bar in our primary markets of Romania and Greece,” Mavridis said.

Mavridis believes that this relationship will assist Kaizen and its brands in enhancing their products and standing out in their respective marketplaces. Real Dealer Studios has also signed several vital contracts in the past few months.

One-of-a-kind partnership

For the Real Dealer approach, dealers and games are filmed and then exhibited to customers. Even while players don’t get to chat to dealers in real-time, they may still explore and enjoy a very realistic scene.

Using recorded video of dealers and gaming, Real Dealer’s suite of cinematic RNG games combines film and iGaming. The method includes filmmaking technology, professional actors, film directors, and post-production staff.

The meticulously selected creations make the player feel like a VIP and provide an exclusive casino experience.

Real Dealer Studios’ Chief Product Officer, Shane Cotter, stated, “Our cinematic RNG games have been great hits in various areas.” We believe that their popularity in Greece will mirror that in Romania.

Real Dealer is proud of the product it sells and asserts that it affords players unprecedented options. The business maintains that the focus is still on one-on-one gameplay, which makes everyone feel like a VIP customer.

“Operators like Kaizen Gaming can leverage our games to give players a terrific experience and material that keeps them interested and entertained all the time,” Cotter added.

Shane Cotter, the company’s CPO, was thrilled to have the chance to look at markets in both Romania and Greece. According to him, the cinematic RNG games on Real Dealer have already demonstrated their potential as blockbuster hits.

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