Iowa Online Gaming Bill Struck Down

Iowa bettors may have to wait until 2023 for new online betting alternatives. House Study Bill 604 was recently “shut down” by the Iowa House of Representatives. HSB 604 would have made internet gambling legal in Iowa.

There are a variety of reasons why HSB 604 halted this time. Perhaps the most important reason is that just 13 of Iowa’s 19 casinos backed the bill. Despite the bill’s failure to pass this session, proponents feel it has gained traction for next year.

Another gambling law may be introduced this year. HSB 578 has the potential to drastically alter Iowa’s gambling scene. If enacted, the law would broaden the types of events on which gamblers might legally wager.

Certain licensing requirements and monetary penalties would also be altered. To be voted on this year, HSB 578 must pass through its present committee by Friday, February 18th.

What is HSB 604?

Rep. Bobby Kaufmann proposed HSB 604 in Iowa. The measure was created to allow Iowa casinos to operate online as well.

At the beginning of February, Kaufmann’s measure passed a subcommittee. Kaufmann and others are optimistic that the gains made this year may be leveraged to generate momentum for the following year.

HSB 604 has been likened to Indiana gambling legislation that also failed to pass the legislature lately. It includes a number of industry-friendly features aimed at gaining the support of Iowa’s casinos. Casinos would have been able to get a first online license for $45,000 under the bill.

Casinos might pay $10,000 every year to renew their online licenses. Kaufmann’s gambling plan would have also given licensees the ability to run two branded mobile applications.

Mobile gambling has aided the establishment of online casino gambling in additional states. HSB 604 would have allowed casinos to enter into multijurisdictional internet gaming agreements that are permitted under federal and state law.

Rep. Kaufmann recognizes that licensing internet casino operations would be a long process, not a sprint. The purpose of Kaufmann’s introduction of HSB 604 was to generate interest in the notion of an online casino law. Despite resistance from several of Iowa’s casinos, Kaufmann’s bill advanced through a subcommittee.

Why Didn’t HSB 604 Get Approved?

HSB 604 was drafted by Rep. Kaufmann to provide Iowa’s casinos with a new stream of revenue. Iowa casinos are permitted to run internet sportsbooks, and they have taken full use of this opportunity. Despite the success of internet sportsbooks, many Iowa casinos remain opposed to them.

Only 13 of Iowa’s 19 casinos endorsed HSB 604. The remaining six casinos have expressed reservations about the impact of internet gambling on their earnings. Opponents are particularly concerned about the loss of auxiliary revenue from entertainment, housing, and restaurants.

HSB 578, if enacted, would make it legal to gamble on esports like League of Legends and Call of Duty. Betting on charitable sporting events, the Heisman Trophy winner, and the NFL Draft would also be legalized under HSB 578. Bettors will also be able to manage their bankrolls at casinos using eWallets on their mobile devices.

Many casino restrictions would be altered as a result of the measure. If enacted, HSB 578 would eliminate the need for non-gaming employees in hospitality professions to be licensed. It would also abolish sanctions for errors made by casino staff in charge of jackpot management.

Unlike HSB 604, HSB 578 has the backing of the casinos in Iowa. Some faith-based groups in the state, however, are opposed to it because they condemn cashless gambling.

The bill is now before the full State Government Committee. To be passed this session, it would need to be forwarded by the committee by February 18th.

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