KONAMI’s David Punter Takes The Bull By Its Horns In Asia Region

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According to a news statement from KONAMI, David Punter, who is in charge of sales, marketing, and service for the ANZ and APAC territories, will also be in charge of service for the Asia region.

KONAMI has employed him for almost four years, and he was initially responsible for sales throughout Australia and New Zealand.

A veteran salesperson like Punter should have little issue adapting to his new position. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Marketing from the University of Newcastle in 1999, he landed a job with a gaming solutions provider, Aristocrat Technologies.

When he began, he was employed by the game company for thirteen years and was the regional marketing manager for the Australian province of New South Wales.

Before joining KONAMI, Punter worked for both Aristocrat, as mentioned above, and Scientific Games (Light & Wonder). This indicates his resume has some of the most prestigious names in B2B gaming. Punter was the Manager of the Prince of Wales Hotel from 1994 to 2000.

A change in KONAMI’s Asia executive team could indicate that the company’s circumstances or objectives are shifting. The gambling sector in the region is currently in disarray due to Macau’s continuous collapse, which has prompted many casino suppliers to relocate to the Philippines and Singapore in search of more lucrative prospects.

As the ANZ/APAC operations manager for sales, marketing, and service, Punter will prioritize customer demands and drive sales and product strategies to fulfill the requirements of these regions.

KONAMI’s consistent ability to capture preferred gaming elements and emotions distinguishes it. Is it possible to bring inanimate objects to life and give them a link to their environment? KONAMI believes so, and based on the popularity of their casino games, most people want a piece of the KONAMI pie.

The Promotion

The corporation was confident that Punter’s years of expertise and industry understanding would enable him to meet the needs of the territories he was responsible for.

Punter’s ambition and tenacity enabled him to ascend to Aristocrats’ ranks rapidly. After thirteen years, he was promoted to general manager of the Asia-Pacific region.

Therefore, KONAMI is certain that he will contribute nearly 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, product strategy, and business management to this position.

He was in charge of sales, research, finance, marketing, and operations at Aristocrat. In addition, he devised and implemented products and tactics suited to each region.

Punter ultimately moved to a well-known gaming business known as Scientific Games. Before joining KONAMI in 2018, he spent three years in the Sales department at the lottery provider.

He was in charge of sales in ANZ and was instrumental in expanding these local markets. He will bring this expertise and record of accomplishment to the Asia-Pacific region.

According to the news statement, Punter had excellent outcomes, including steady performance and market expansion in his areas of responsibility.

KONAMI Restructure

The promotion of Punter may be part of KONAMI’s strategy to capitalize on the resurrection of the gambling sector by putting a seasoned expert in charge of a critical area. The new Asia manager has had a lengthy and prosperous career, making him an excellent candidate for the new position.

According to Steve Sutherland, chief executive officer of KONAMI’s worldwide gaming and systems division and managing director of KONAMI Australia, Punter’s new responsibilities will increase customer satisfaction and product sales in the territories where he works.

Sutherland added that Punter had great expertise as a manager at reputable gaming organizations. In addition, he stated that the new Asia area manager’s commitment to customer satisfaction, sales, and marketing made him the most qualified candidate for the position.

Sutherland continued, “David’s long-term leadership across Asia and his enthusiasm for producing successful markets will provide ANZ and APAC with additional momentum.”

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