Kurt Hansen Ascends Leadership Hierarchy as New VP of Aruze Gaming

Kurt Hansen has joined the executive leadership team of Aruze Gaming America.

Kurt Hansen has been appointed Vice President of iGaming for Aruze Gaming America. His responsibilities will include improving and creating new iGaming products for the company. As the company’s new vice president, he will be in charge of all iGaming-related matters.

With the new executive recruitment, the iGaming company will be able to redouble its efforts to enhance content development in the online casino market as it seeks to transform the digital experience for consumers and businesses interested in interactive gambling.

He is joining the company’s executive team to assist in expanding and enhancing its iGaming offerings. According to Aruze Gambling, he possesses “vast experience spearheading the digital revolution of the online gaming sector.”

As Vice President of iGaming, Hansen will ensure that Aruze Gaming is accessible to internet gamblers worldwide. Social Gaming and regulated Real Money iGaming jurisdictions will access Aruze’s exclusive games through partners.

As the company develops its strategic plan, it will control all Aruze iGaming operations and activities.

The Company

AGA is a global firm that provides gaming and entertainment services to casinos. The firm offers an array of exclusive games in jurisdictions where real-money iGaming and social gaming are permitted.

Aruze has demonstrated that it is the only company capable of producing the most creative items for the global casino gaming sector. They employ cutting-edge technology and their imagination to make enjoyable ideas for everyone a reality.

Aruze Gaming America designs, develops, and manufactures slot machines and other casino gaming systems. The company sells slot machines, communal gaming products, multi-terminal devices, multi-station games based on roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and high-definition video reel products.

Aruze was founded in 1983 and today has business licenses in nearly 40 countries and over 200 gambling jurisdictions.

The business creates, develops, and manufactures gaming and entertainment systems for casinos worldwide.

Hansen could bring a wealth of experience to Aruze’s iGaming games due to his extensive background in digital transformation. He will be in charge of Aruze’s global iGaming operations. He will assist them in developing a strategy for social gaming and iGaming for real money in nations worldwide.

The Team

Every product the team creates embodies a commitment to quality, the excitement of discovering something new, and a feeling of what to anticipate. Its mission is to be a trusted and respected firm in the worldwide entertainment industry and to make the Aruze team, and their families feel proud and fulfilled.

Hansen declared, “I am excited to join the Aruze team.” There is much space for innovation in gaming, particularly online gaming. I’m excited to capitalize on Aruze’s present momentum by integrating its innovative technologies into the iGaming sector.

Igaming represents a significant market opportunity for Aruze, according to Rob Ziems, president of Aruze Gaming.

By employing Hansen, Aruze Gaming America will also be able to stay abreast of industry trends and seek out novel approaches to deliver groundbreaking achievements.

“I’m delighted to expand on Aruze’s present success and offer their innovative solutions to the iGaming market,” he stated. Hansen has held digital management positions at GAN, Aristocrat, and GameCo, among others.

In addition, he managed online gambling platforms for Aristocrat and GAN. His knowledge of Aruze Gaming will prove invaluable.

The president of Aruze Gaming, Rob Ziems, was pleased that Hansen decided to join the company. He stated that the new executive’s expertise would assist the company in expanding an existing popular product.

Kurt’s knowledge in the gaming sector will be of great assistance as we develop our iGaming division. Kurt will significantly assist as we expand our online gaming business.” Ziems elaborated more.

Hansen ensures that Aruze Gaming’s games are accessible to internet gamers. The new company intends to market its games to regulated social casinos and iGaming companies that allow real-money wagering.

Hansen will significantly assist the organization in achieving its aims and strategic objectives. Hansen was excited to join the firm and expressed his anticipation for this new position. He stated that the company might substantially impact the gaming industry.

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