Sticky Fruit Madness is one of the latest online slot games from Mascot Gaming. This title is set on a tropical island where tasty and zesty fruits are the main source of sustenance. The game boasts a lively island vibe, with its soundtrack and in-game sounds exuding a beach paradise. 

As players are immersed in the game’s beach aesthetics, they also have the opportunity to rake in potential wins from placing their bets and spinning the game’s reels. 

What Are the Main Features of Sticky Fruit Madness Slot Game?

Sticky Fruit Madness employs a 5-reel, 3-row game board and a 5 payline system. While the payline combinations might look limited, the game pays winning paylines in both directions. This, along with its high volatility, provides its players with the chance to land huge payouts.

As its namesake implies, Sticky Fruit Madness’ in-game symbols are mostly tropical fruits such as coconuts, bananas, oranges, and dragon fruits. Each symbol has their corresponding multipliers, and landing them on a winning combination results in the player being rewarded with great prizes.

For its special features, Sticky Fruit Madness has the Sticky Re-spins, Win Multiplier, and the Risk Game. Sticky Re-spins work like a reverse Cascading Wins, where winning symbols become sticky, remain on the reel, and reward players with free re-spins. Each re-spin will increase the Win Multiplier feature, and the potential multiplier increase can ramp up from 1x to up to 10x.

Lastly, the Risk Game is the game’s take on a Bonus Wheel. This is activated whenever at least 3 or more Scatter symbols appear on the game board. The wheel has a number of win multipliers, and true to its name, players can spin the wheel to collect prizes. Players can either collect any prize they win, or risk it to land bigger multipliers and prizes.

Overall, Sticky Fruit Madness’ main and special features make for a clever and enjoyable online slot game experience.

What Are Amazing Online Slot Game Alternatives to Sticky Fruit Madness?

Enjoying the beach life or being in paradise is the dream for most players. Luckily, those who are looking for online slot games that offer the same experience Sticky Fruit Madness offers can check out the following titles from RealTime Gaming, one of the leading developers of online casino games

Samba Jackpots

Samba Jackpots featured image

Part of the island life is reveling in the festivities with like-minded vacationers. This is the main theme of Samba Jackpots: players partake in the merriment and excitement that can only be experienced by joining the Rio’s party scene.

Samba Jackpots exude the festive nature of Rio, with its symbols depicting attractive dancers and all manner of party favors and musical instruments that evoke players to sway to the beat. This includes maracas, bongos, and masks to keep their identities anonymous as they get lost in the rhythm and good vibes.

Gameplay-wise, Samba Jackpot utilizes a 5-reel, 3-row game board, and a fixed 40-payline system to ensure players bigger chances of landing winning combinations during their spins. The game’s symbols have great multipliers, with its Wild symbol also having corresponding multipliers that can add up whenever more of them are part of winning combinations.

For its special features, Samba Jackpots offers the following: Wild Reels Feature, Quick Hit Jackpot Feature, and Free Games Feature. 

The Wild Reels Feature makes player spins highly dynamic. This is due to the fact that the game’s Wild symbol, the Green Dancer, has the chance to appear and transform the reel it is on into a full Wild reel that also remains in place so long as players land winning spins.

Additionally, additional reels with Wild symbols have the chance to transform as well, further increasing the potential for players to land huge payouts.

The Quick Hit Jackpot Feature is the gameplay feature where players can win the numerous Jackpot prizes. This is activated whenever 3 or more Coin symbols appear on the reels. Players can get higher wins depending on how many Coins land on the game board.

Lastly, Free Games are triggered whenever 3 or more Scatter symbols land on the game board following a spin. Players are rewarded with 10 Free Games, and while this is active, the appearance of Coins become more frequent.

Gem Fruits

Gem Fruits featured image

For those looking for a more fruits-themed slot game, they can give Gem Fruits a go. This slot game is both a fruit and gem-themed slot game while also paying homage to classic slot machines, specifically Fruit Machines.

Gem Fruits utilizes a 5-reel, 3-row game board, as well as a fixed 25-payline system. Its symbols are precious stones that have been fashioned into different fruits. This includes cherries, grapes, lemons, oranges, and grapefruits, and their corresponding multipliers provide great payouts.

Gem Fruits have two special slot machine features in Free Games and Jackpot Feature. Free Games are triggered whenever 3 or more Scatter symbols land on the game board after a spin. 

Players can have between 10 to 25 Free Games, while Free Games is active, the 5th reel is replaced with a stacked 1×3 Wild symbol that is frozen in place. When 2 or more Scatters appear during Free Games, players are rewarded with 5 extra Free Games.

The Jackpot Feature is available for players to win at any point of the game. To activate this special feature, players need to land 5 similar symbols on a winning payline. Wild symbols can substitute for the 5 symbols, while Scatters do not activate the Jackpot.

Once the Jackpot Feature is activated, following the player’s spin, the Jackpot Reel located at the rightmost side of the game board will start to light up. Players are rewarded with the Jackpot where the lights stop. Moreover, Jackpot prizes can be won individually or in combinations of two or more, and may also include a Multiplier. If more than one five-of-a-kind combination occurs on the same spin, only one Jackpot is awarded.

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