Massachusetts Casinos Records a Drop for June Revenue

Massachusetts casinos’ revenue in June has dropped slightly compared to May. However, the dropped in revenue doesn’t worry the casino’s management, and it was more anticipated owing to the closure of casinos because of the pandemic. Most land-based casinos are yet to recover from the closure and lockdown. Some had to incur extra expenses to conform to the new COVID pandemic regulations.

Massachusetts houses three casinos; one to the North of Boston, another to the southern part of Boston, and a third casino in the Western city of Springfield. The three casinos offer a variety of slots and table games. They bring massive revenue to the state monthly.

MA’s Casino June Revenue

MA state’s casino financial status and reports were made public during the week. Most people wonder how the casinos registered a drop in revenue, whereas most casinos in the US are on the verge of growth. The decline, however, was very minimal and didn’t cause alarm to the casino owners. The three casinos in Massachusetts are owned and operated by some of the biggest US gaming firms.

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission reported that Encore Boston Harbor, MGM Springfield, and Plain Ridge Park registered an overall of $84 million in June, which is $2.6 million than the previous month. In defense, the casino’s managers explained that poker has remained closed. The revenue posted was solely from slots and table games, meaning should poker be operational, the overall revenue would have been very high.

The return of poker in the bookmakers will boost the revenue figures according to recent projections. Massachusetts famous advocates are working round the clock to push on the legalization of sports betting. With the addition of another casino product, the Massachusetts casino success hopes remain high. Massachusetts is slowly becoming a significant casino destination in the US gambling industry. Its fast-paced casino development. Just like New Jersey and Pennsylvania, it is now a great success.

“We receive more poker requests every day, but casinos are pretty mindful of the potential profits to be made and other potential revenues if there are different gambling offerings in a similar space.” Bruce Band, the director of investigations and enforcement at the Gaming Commission. Band also said that, “I think both of them are waiting to see what happens with sports betting and space and forging ahead… It’s kind of a wait-and-see for both properties.”

Individual Casino Revenues

In general, the casinos brought in revenues of $84 million in June. MGM Springfield had a gross gambling revenue of $20.21 million, a drop from May’s 21.25 million. The revenues are fluctuating with the nature of the casino business. MGM was closed back in June 2020 due to the pandemic and thus is not fully operational since it had to scale down to resume business and adhere to Covid guidelines.

Encore Boston made $53.56 million in June 2021 gaming revenue, a gain from $52.3 in May. The casinos had closed doors but opened way back on June 23, 2019. The impact is still there to date. In June 2021, Plain ridge casino made $11.32 million in slots revenue. The figure was a slight drop from 12.4 million earned in May.

There are hopes in 2022 that sports betting might become legalized in Massachusetts. Sports has a lot of fans, both within and far and beyond the region. New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox are some of the popular professional teams in the area. The Massachusetts state government is currently in talks discussing the effects of sports betting legalization. Little progress has been made so far but should the bills receive State and House approval, and it will be an excellent win for the MA casinos.


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