National Lottery PLC finally get their License from MGA

The License for the National Lottery of Malta has been granted to National Lottery PLC. This company will succeed Maltco Lotteries Limited, the previous lottery operator.

The Malta Gaming Authority (the “Authority”) issued the National Lottery license to the Maltese business National Lottery plc on Tuesday, July 5, 2022. This means that National Lottery plc will replace Malco Lotteries Limited as the operator of the National Lottery in Malta for the next ten (10) years.

Until July 2032, the Malta Gaming Authority will oversee and regulate new businesses. In addition, it will operate the island’s lottery (MGA).

Former lottery operators Maltco Lotteries Limited have been replaced for the first time since the game’s inception. National Lottery PLC was awarded a substantial contract to operate the lottery and supply its goods and services.

National Lottery plc was awarded the only License to operate the National Lottery after the Government’s Privatisation Unit issued a Request for Bids in July 2021 and reviewed the proposals.

A Concession agreement to this effect was signed by the Ministry of Economy, European Funds and Lands, and National Lottery plc in March 2022.

The Authority issued the National Lottery license by the Concession Agreement. It will be valid for a decade. The Authority will be responsible for monitoring how the National Lottery operates.

The License Has Been A Long Way Coming

A year ago, the Maltese government’s so-called “Privatisation Unit” issued a proposal request. This initiated the application process for potential operators.

Since 2004, when the government relinquished its monopoly over the National Lottery, Maltco Lotteries Limited has been in charge of its operation.

Maltco was granted further time in 2012; however, National Lottery PLC won Malta’s most recent public procurement, putting an end to Maltco’s reign.

The MGA will keep a watch on everything, but it is quite doubtful that anything will change before the expiration of the new licenses. Maltco Lotteries Limited has been the sole entity in charge of the national lottery since its founding in 2004.

In 2012, when the License was up for renewal, an agreement was reached to provide the current holder a ten-year extension.

In March, the new licensee and the Ministry of Economy, European Funds, and Lands of Malta signed a concession agreement. This allowed National Lottery PLC to take over after Maltco’s License expired.

This occurred on July 4, and the MGA has now granted National Lottery PLC a new license.

Word From the Corporates

At the event, Minister of Economy, European Funds, and Lands Silvio Schembri stated;

“I’m convinced that the new National Lottery licensee will continue to enhance popular National Lottery Games such as Lotto and Super 5, among others, and offer new games that will expand the games portfolio.”

Carl Brincat, chief executive officer of the MGA, stated;

“The Authority is sure that the concessionaire will invest all of the necessary resources to uphold the highest operational and compliance standards.

In addition, it has already been made clear that the concessionaire will invest in player care and do all possible to minimize gambling-related harm.”

“Today marks the beginning of a new era for Malta’s National Lottery,” declared Johann Schembri, chief executive officer of National Lottery plc.

“The Malta Gaming Authority license demonstrates our dedication to offering an innovative, forward-thinking, and, most importantly, fair and transparent national lottery service,” he continued.

In contrast, National Lottery PLC won the most recent offer relatively easily. Therefore, the corporation has agreed with the Ministry of Economy to manage the lottery’s services and goods.

Moreover, the National Lottery PLC can now assume the role of official operator for the next decade. This is because they received a license today.

The new lottery operator in Malta selected International Game System (IGT) as its provider of lottery technology. EveryMatrix said in June that the lottery would have access to its online tools.

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