Netflix Partners with Light & Wonder for Squid Game Slot Machine

The U.S. online gambling revenue is projected to reach $19.14 billion before 2024. This would explain why most individuals and firms want to venture into the market. One of the latest giants to venture into the gambling industry is Netflix.

This global streaming platform has popular titles such as Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Wednesday, Stranger Things Season 4, and One Piece. While these titles saw huge streaming, another title outpaced them. Squid Game became the most-watched series of all time, with over 1.6 billion hours of streaming since its release in September 2021.

The streaming platform is partnering with Light & Wonder, a Las Vegas-based gaming manufacturer and distributor. This partnership marks the first time Netflix is entering into a branding deal with a company in the gambling industry.

What the Partnership Entails

The Global Gaming Expo (G2E) kicked off yesterday, October 9, 2023. The American Gaming Association presents the event. It is happening at the Venetian Expo on the Las Vegas Strip until Thursday.

G2E is a trade show seeking to foster growth and innovation. Ideally, this is a show where companies in the gambling industry can get things done. In line with that, Netflix and Light & Wonder took the opportunity to announce their partnership.

Squid Game is a risk-reward-based competition game. The TV series was ruthless, featuring characters that bet their lives for a chance to win a huge jackpot.

The show featured Seong Gi-hun playing as Player 456. He is a gambler and a former assembly worker. He was the last to be recruited to play Squid Game, hence his branding, 456.

Squid Game also featured Player 101, Jang Deok-su. He was a ruthless gangster who joined the game to settle his huge gambling debts. The gambling analogy featured in the TV series makes Squid Game a perfect reference for the upcoming slot machine.

This partnership allows Light and Wonder to design a slot machine based on the popular Netflix series, the Squid Game. The gaming developer will integrate iconic deadly games from the Netflix series, including Red Light, Green Light, Tug of War, and the Glass Tile.

The Squid Game slot machine will feature top prizes of between $200,000 and $400,000 depending on configurations. The game is expected to hit casino floors in 2024. Also, Light & Wonder plans to create a digital version of the slot machine featuring three bonus rounds based on the Squid Game series.

According to Light & Wonder, the Squid Game slot machine will be housed in the Horizon jumbo cabinet. This is a large screen, ideally a 75-inch screen, with 600,000 micro-LED pixels. There is also a touch screen of about 27 inches, a mobile charger, and a dual play button that will enable players to have an immersive and seamless experience.

Squid Game: The Trials

Netflix is doing several things to keep players busy before the game is at the casino. For starters, there is a reality show dubbed Squid Game: The Challenge. It will premiere on November 22, 2023, featuring 456 global contestants competing to win a cash prize of $4.56 million.

Then there is the Squid Game: The Trials, a pop-up immersive experience opening in L.A. on December 6. Participating players will compete through six different challenges for 70 minutes. You will need $39 to buy a Squid Game: The Trials ticket.

The Slot Machine Lacks the Death Element

The Squid Game TV series involves killing losing players until one final player remains to take the jackpot. Ideally, participants were fighting for their lives more than the monetary prize.

Fortunately, this is not something casino players will have to deal with while playing the Squid Game slot machine. Instead, players can enjoy a fan-favorite show with immersive gameplay.

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