Nolimit City, an online casino games developer known for their horror-themed online slot games with high volatility, has released their latest slot game, Beheaded.

Set on an isolated island where players are greeted with a native cannibal who collects shrunken heads and displays them as trophies within its lair. The game’s striking visuals make for a scary online slot game experience, but to balance its terrifying motif, Beheaded’s high volatility entices players to spin those reels and withstand the fear of the cannibal and the dozens of shrunken heads staring at them.

What are the Features of Beheaded?

Beheaded is a 5-reel, 4-row slot game that offers 178 connected lines which equate to 15,950 times the stake whenever a player lands a winning spin. When the total win exceeds this amount, the game round will end and 15,950 times the base bet is awarded.

For its in-game elements, the game has a wild symbol, a Progression system, Soul Wilds, a Wild Zone with multipliers, along with various types of free spins bonuses.

Progression System

The Progression system can be monitored via a Progression Bar located at the bottom of the game board. There are a total of 5 progression levels, and each time the bar levels up, the progression bar resets. Fallen Wild, High or Medium paying symbols advances the Progression bar.

Wild symbol = +3 per winning symbol
High paying symbol = +2 per winning symbol
Medium paying symbol = +1 per winning symbol

Each level converts medium paying symbols to high paying symbols. That said, certain in-game mechanics can be triggered whenever the Progression bar is filled up.

Ayahuasca Spins

Reaching a new level of the progression bar awards +2 Free spins till level 4, +6 Free spins when advancing to Tzantza Spins.

Buying Ayahuasca Spins instantly progresses the progression bar to level 3 and awards +6 Ayahuasca Spins, and three of the medium paying symbols are replaced with three high paying symbols.

Tzantza Spins

Buying Tzantza Spins instantly progresses the progression bar to level 5 and awards +10 Tzantza Spins. All the medium paying symbols are replaced with high paying symbols.

Pick A Potion

When Tzantza Spins has ended without a Max Win, the player will have two choices:

Butterfly Bottle: Guarantees a win ranging from 5 – 8,000 times the base bet.
Skull Bottle: Gamble with your accumulated win for a chance of winning the Max win or lose it all. The chance is determined by your accumulated win amount, higher the better.

Soul Wilds

There are three Soul Wilds with individual Soul Collectors which collect Souls from dropped High Paying symbols after a win.

The Soul Wild feature get enabled in the below order:

Level 1: Happy Soul Wild – Requires a total of 4 souls to be activated.
Level 3: Sad Soul Wild – Requires a total of 10 souls to be activated.
Level 5: Angry Soul Wild – Requires a total of 18 souls to be activated.

Soul Wilds can only be activated if no more Souls can be collected and its collector has been filled. The number of activated Soul Wilds determines the size of the Wild zone: 1×1, 2×2 or 3×3 and multiplies the general multiplier by 1, 2 or 3 respectively. The general multiplier resets after this event.

All Scatters within the Wild Zone, awards +1 Free spins each, and the Soul Wilds Collector resets whenever it fails to collect enough Souls or gets activated until next spin.

What are Great Slot Game Alternatives to Beheaded?

Beheaded is a scary slot game that offers generous rewards for those brave enough to spin its reels. For those who are looking for horror-themed slot game alternatives that also give great payouts, here are some amazing options from RealTime Gaming:

Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship online slot game

In Ghost Ship, Set in a deserted island, players encounter a bevy of ghostly apparitions in the form of ghastly pirate captains, intangible ghost ships, as well as an assortment of treasures buried in the sand as well as from the depths.

Ghost Ship utilizes a 5-reel, 3-row system that has 25 paylines and contains a good number of special features. This includes Extra Wilds, Free Games, and the Progressive Jackpots

Mega Monster

Mega Monster online casino game

Mega Monster is an online slot game that is a nice callback to the golden age of horror, using iconic monsters like the wolfman, Frankenstein’s monster, and Dracula as symbols on its reels, albeit in a more adorable design. 

The game also has a number of special features to keep its gameplay exciting and engaging for players. This includes Sliding Reels, Wild Multipliers, Expanded Reels and Extra Wilds, and Free Games.

Spooky Wins

free slot demo casino spooky wins

Spooky Wins is a Halloween-themed slot title that also takes inspiration from classic horror monsters such as the Wolfman, a zombie, a mummy, a witch, and Frankenstein’s monster. 

Spooky Wins has a fixed number of 30 paylines during the Base Game. This transforms into 60 paylines during the Expanded Reels feature.

As for its special features, Spooky Wins offers players a good number of special in-game elements that includes the Bonus Wheel, Wild Reels, the aforementioned Expanding Reels, and Free Games. All these special features can be triggered during a player’s spin, and increases their chances of landing big payouts.

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