Pennsylvania Online Casino Revenue Reaches over $200M for April

Philadelphia, PA – Online casino revenue for the month of April proved to be beneficial for the Keystone State, as it generated over $200 million and continued to stay above at least $100 million since January this year.

According to a report from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB), April 2024 saw the combined total revenue generated from all forms of gaming, along with fantasy contests, at $504,683,409, an increase of 5.87% compared to revenue generated in April 2023.

April’s numbers mark the third straight month of online gambling earnings going above $200 million for 2024. January’s online gambling revenue started to pass $100 million, posting $189,302,559. February 2024 online gambling revenue was the first month where revenue passed $200 million at $215,288,753.

March 2024 saw the highest online gambling revenue so far at $233,087,603. Meanwhile, April 2024 online gambling revenue resulted in $212,212,613. It is worth noting that April 2024’s numbers were slightly lower than last month’s revenue, but the April 2024 revenue figure also represents a 26.9% annual increase.

What Were the Online Casino Games’ Numbers?

For the month of April 2024, the same report stated that retail casino games, namely slots and table games, saw a bit of a dip in year-over-year revenue. Retail slots raked in $205,485,828, which equates to -3.53% dip from last year’s $213,012,826. Table games also saw lower numbers at $78,482,947; this number was -6.98% from $84,373,687 last April 2023.

Meanwhile, the iGaming numbers were also posted, and the year-over-year figures showcased overall increase for most of the online casino-related games. The same PGCB report noted that casino games that were offered online generated monthly gross revenue totaling $173,425,559 during April 2024 compared to $137,214,750 in April 2023, an increase of 26.39%.

iGaming Revenue by Type

iGaming Slot revenue for April 2024 resulted in $126,013,832, compared to $95,632,798 from April 2023. This equates to 31.77% change year-over-year.

iGaming Tables revenue for April 2024 totaled to $45,006,006, while April 2023’s numbers were $38,872,514; this equates to 15.78% increase year-over-year.

Video Gaming Terminals revenue for April 2024 totaled to $3,648,270, compared to April 2023’s figures of $3,534,347, which is a 3.22% year-over-year increase.

Sports Wagering revenue totaled to $42,412,510 for April 2024 compared to April 2023’s $37,036,123. This year’s numbers saw a 14.52% increase.

However, iGaming Poker and Fantasy Contests revenue were the online casino games that saw dips for April 2024. The former garnered $2,405,721, down 11.21% from last year’s $2,709,438, while the latter raked in $1,228,294, down -20.83% from last year’s $1,551,398.

Online slots as well as online table games have notable double-figure revenue increases. This was an interesting development, since generally online gambling activities usually start to dip during late spring and summer, but then hit higher numbers in the fall and early winter.

What Does This Mean For Online Casinos in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania is one of the US states that have legalized online casinos to operate within their jurisdiction. While April 2024’s revenue numbers were slightly down from March 2024, the aforementioned iGaming numbers, specifically for online slots and table games, have seen a stark increase in revenue. These numbers have placed Pennsylvania in front of the other states, 

Experts have also noted that online casinos in the Keystone State are on the way to producing $2.55 billion in 2024. Adding up the first four months of the year resulted in almost $850 million. If the trend continues, online casinos in Pennsylvania are expected to clear the $1 billion threshold in iGaming revenue in May.

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