Planetwin365 and Lazio Women’s Football Team Is A Done Deal

This week, at the S.S. Lazio Training Center in Formello, near Rome, the SKS365 Group’s sports portal and the Biancoceleste club’s Women’s department announced a new agreement for the 2022/2023 season.

Planetwin365 is one of the most popular online casinos in the rapidly expanding Italian industry, particularly in sports betting. The gambling business SKS365 operates it. You may currently play several of Pragmatic Play’s award-winning online slots under this moniker.

The agreement stipulates that the news website operated by SKS365 would sponsor Lazio Women for the duration of the 2022-2023 soccer season. The entertainment firm will be named the exclusive partner of the team and will have a presence at the Mirko Fersini stadium. Planetwin365’s logo will be displayed throughout Lazio men’s and women’s matches.

The club stated that it was extremely pleased with the deal struck and glad to create and consolidate the new relationship between Lazio Women and, which will increase awareness of the expanding women’s movement.

Planetwin365 Inclusion Partnership

Team Manager Monica Caprini and the biancocelesti players Ludovica Falloni, Eleni Karampouki, and Noemi Visentin, representing the Company during the presentation, remarked;

“We are extremely pleased with the agreement reached. We are excited to establish and deepen the new partnership between Lazio Women and, which will bring greater attention to the expanding women’s movement. The club is always on the leading edge of measures to improve its players’ on-field and off-field effort.”

The synergistic agreement, which began last season with PlanetPay365, the value-added services brand of the SKS365 group, includes joint campaigns on the club’s social networks and unique spots on Lazio Style Radio, where a expert will discuss the teams’ statistics and match histories.

In the following months, “solidarity” and “diversity&inclusion” programs will be initiated as part of the agreement. This will breathe fresh life into the new social responsibility program under the NGO So.Spe.

The two organizations also intend to collaborate on a new solidarity initiative to promote diversity and inclusiveness among Italian soccer fans. This endeavor aligns with Lazio’s recent sponsorship of a local charity, demonstrating its dedication to social responsibility.

Delighted Partners

The Chief Commercial Officer of SKS365, Troy Cox, stated, “We are happy to continue our strategic collaboration with Lazio Women in this new season, which we anticipate will be filled with victories for both clubs.

Together with the biancoceleste club, we will develop digital and interaction methods to promote our new entertainment brand, Because our group is growing more engaged in Diversity & Inclusion problems and sports, our connection has a more feminine tone.

This collective effort will help us establish relationships with the city of Rome by emphasizing sportsmanship, loyalty, transparency, fair play, and togetherness.”

Pragmatic play, one of the world’s greatest and largest game providers, inked a contract with the sports betting division of SKS365, Planetwin365, around the same time last year. This transaction helped the former enterprise establish a presence in Europe, one of its most important markets.

Pragmatic play desires greater visibility and influence on the European market. Its new partnership with Planetwin365 is one of the transactions that will assist it in achieving this objective.

Pragmatic Play’s Vice President of Malta Operations, Lena Yassir, stated that the presence of Pragmatic Play’s games at one of the top online casinos in Italy is a significant achievement. Yassir said this is an example of the expansion Pragmatic Play desires in the Italian online gaming sector.

Lazio Women representatives consider as now part of the Lazio family. This new agreement will improve the club’s partnership with SKS365 and bring greater attention to the women’s squad, according to the club. Lazio has stated that caring for its players is one of its primary objectives.

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