Play’n Go, a prominent developer of online slot games, is set to launch its latest title, Rise of Olympus Origins, this July. This is the third Greek-themed slot game that features famous Greek gods, and strives to continue the epic of these larger-than-life figures as they grace the game board and showcase their might.

Play’n Go, a prominent developer of online slot games, is set to launch its latest title, Rise of Olympus Origins, this July. This is the third Greek-themed slot game that features famous Greek gods, and strives to continue the epic of these larger-than-life figures as they grace the game board and showcase their might.

What are the Main Features of Rise of Olympus Origins?

Rise of Olympus Origins welcomes players on a 5-reel, 5-row game board, as they bear witness to the story of the three sons of Cronus; Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus. Landing winning paylines activate the Cascading Wins feature, which removes the winning icons, and the remaining symbols slide down to occupy the empty slots. This will continue until there are no symbols that trigger winning paylines.

For its special features, Rise of Olympus Origins has the Wild Creation. This is activated when three or more symbols depicting Zeus, Poseidon, or Hades align on a winning payline, there is a chance that their respective powers will be unleashed on the game board. Each showcase of power from one of the three Greek gods changes the game board to help players land more winning spins.

Zeus, considered to be the most powerful among Greek gods, uses his almighty powers of destruction to zap two sets of symbols out of the grid. This results in a massive cascade that makes way for more winning combinations.

When Poseidon’s powers are tested, he will unleash the unstoppable power of the sea. A number of Wild Symbols washes up onto the game board. Having multiple Wild Symbols appear on the game board greatly increases the chances of triggering winning combinations for players.

Lastly, Hades, God of the Underworld, will transform all instances of one symbol into the next highest paying symbol should his powers be called upon. In some cases, transforming symbols into the highest one available on the pay table can lead to huge wins when it manages to land on a winning combination.

Adding more strength into the gods’ powers is the Power of the Gods feature. A Power Indicator is located at the bottom part of the game board, and it is charged with winning Relic Symbols. When a corresponding god symbol on the Power Indicator is charged alongside that god’s power being activated, this results in a stronger version of that god’s power.

Wrath of Olympus is another powerful feature that occurs when enough winning combos occur in a round to fill the meter. Every win that involves a mix of symbols featuring the gods will add the number of winning symbols to the game’s charge meter, resetting once all wins have stopped for that round. Once the meter is filled, Wrath of Olympus happens, with each god’s special feature triggering in order.

Lastly, the game also has a Free Spins feature. This is activated when players manage to clear the entire grid of symbols, not counting Wilds. Once the grid is clear during the base game or the Wrath of Olympus Re-Spin, 10 Free Spins will be bestowed by the gods. 

The gods will also use their powers during this round, plus, if the grid is cleared again during the Free Spins, players will win an Instant Prize in the form of a random Bet Multiplier. This can happen up to three times throughout the round, with the largest multiplier coming from Zeus himself which can reach up to x10000.

Rise of Olympus Origins will be available for players to experience on July 25, 2024

What are Great Online Slot Game Alternatives to Rise of Olympus Origins?

With its release date set on the second to the last week of July, players who are raring to experience the magnificence and splendor of Greek gods and goddesses, there are some amazing online casino games available to satisfy their cravings. 

RealTime Gaming has a number of Greek-themed slot games that provide exciting gameplay on top of big potential wins. Here are some titles players can check out:

Fortunes of Olympus

Fortunes of Olympus online slot game

Fortunes of Olympus is an online slot title that features the lesser-known gods and goddesses of Greek mythology apart from Zeus and Poseidon. This includes Athena, Ares, and Medusa. Each of them dictate the pace when it comes to which symbols on the game board will align for winning paylines.

The game has an assortment of special features that revolve around getting players Free Games, from Free Games with Shifting Reels, Free Games with Extra Wilds, and Free Games with Win Multiplier. Players can activate one of these Free Game variants whenever they land the Pick Bonus feature, which is activated when 3 or more Scatter symbols appear on the game board.

Fortunes of Olympus also has the Buy Feature which immediately triggers the Free Games, but for a sizable price. With such options available for players, it is up to them to choose which one suits their playstyle and bankroll the best. But once the Free Games start to spin those reels, players can expect to land big winning combinations and huge payouts.

Legend of Helios

Legend of Helios featured image

Legend of Helios centers around the titular Greek sun-God and his narrative as the one in-charge of starting up the day on Earth by riding his chariot around the globe. 

Unlike modern online slot games, Legend of Helios uses a 4-3-4-3-4 game board. This interesting design choice makes the visuals of the spinning reels a mesmerizing one, though its paylines do not get affected.

Legend of Helios has a bevy of special slot machine features that include Mystery Stacks, Re-spin with Locking Mystery Stacks, the Bonus Wheel, and Bonus Wheel Free Games Prizes.

The Mystery Stacks feature affects the game board by having Mystery Stack symbols appear during a player’s spin. Mystery Stacks randomly morph into other symbols that can trigger winning combinations.

Re-spin with Locking Mystery Stacks trigger when Mystery Stacks appear and stack themselves on reels 1 and 2. The Mystery Stacks will then lock themselves on the reels, and transform into random symbols. Reels 3, 4 and 5 are re-spun if the initial locked reels land winning paylines. If the spin result of a Re-spin is a losing spin, an additional Re-spin is awarded until a win occurs. After the last Re-spin, paylines are evaluated and paid.

As for its Bonus Wheel features, when 3 Scatter symbols appear on the game board, players are rewarded with the Bonus Wheel. The prizes on the wheel range from various Free Games with additional bonuses and win multipliers.

Achilles Deluxe

Achilles Deluxe

Outside of Greek gods and goddesses, RealTime Gaming also takes inspiration from iconic Greek warriors and their epics such as Achilles and the Trojan War. Such is the case for Achilles Deluxe.

Achilles Deluxe is a 5×3 slot title that features Wild Free Games, Free Games and Jackpots. The game also utilizes a fixed 20-payline system that rewards players that land symbols on winning paylines. The game’s Wild and Scatter symbols also have corresponding multipliers that contribute to winning combinations to further assist players to land huge payouts.

Majority of Achilles Deluxe’s special features revolve around Free Games. Wild Free Games are activated when 3 or more Wild Symbols appear on the game board. Players select one option to reveal 15, 20 or 25 Free Games.

Free Games happen whenever 3 or more Scatters symbols appear on the game board. 10 Free Games are awarded to players, and while the Free Games are active, all winnings are doubled. This feature can be retriggered whenever any 3 or more Wild or Scatter symbols appear on the game board.

Finally, Achilles Deluxe features a Progressive Jackpot. Players can win either the Major or Minor jackpot after the conclusion of a spin. This is triggered randomly, so players can choose to continue playing to activate this, but usually it is best to just continue playing to land winning combinations since it is more consistent.

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