Pop Artist Nicki Minaj joins MaximBet as Ambassador and Investor

Nicki Minaj is often considered the most successful female rapper in music history. Using her enormous popularity, the 39-year-old hopes to increase the number of individuals who join MaximBet.

MaximBet, dubbed the first “lifestyle brand for sports betting,” is now available exclusively in Colorado. In the following months, though, the online sportsbook and soon-to-be iGaming platform intend to expand into eleven additional states and Ontario.

MaximBet has partnered with Minaj to prepare for expansion. The gaming company believes that the “Anaconda” singer will attract new bettors and women to the predominantly male sports betting industry.

The Maryland-based Carousel Group, which operates sports betting and online gambling, owns and operates MaximBet. This is accomplished through a collaboration with the Maxim magazine brand.

Minaj has “categorically ruined the male-dominated world of rap music,” according to Carousel, and she will do the same in the male-dominated world of sports betting.

Minaj is eager to take on the challenge.

MaximBet asserts that Minaj has always had a passion for sports and that she would assist with promoting events, partnerships, and client experiences. Although the specifics are currently unknown, Minaj will also have a tiny stake in the iGaming platform.

Minaj is one of the most successful musicians of all time. She is renowned as the “Queen of Rap” and has sold more than one hundred million records worldwide. She is also one of the most popular social media users.

She has almost 190 million Instagram followers, making her the fifteenth-most followed individual on the site.

Skewing Market Female

Minaj shattered the male-dominated rap music industry, and she’s now doing the same with sports betting. She is bringing her style and philosophy to MaximBet to highlight the brand’s lifestyle components and attract many consumers, particularly women.

Minaj, who has always enjoyed sports, will collaborate with MaximBet on products, events, collaborations, fan experiences, and branding that incorporate entertainment, sports, celebrities, and gambling.

MaximBet is a privately owned, licensed sports betting and iGaming operator that launched at the end of last year in collaboration with Maxim, a globally recognized media brand.

As part of the commercial agreement, Minaj will be the new creative director of Maxim magazine and a special advisor to the MaximBet Board of Directors. She will also be associated with the company’s ambitious iGaming aspirations. Minaj added;

“I cannot recall a time when I was happy about a cooperation. The blend of my natural, creative, sensuous, playful, and fashion-forward style with my business-savvy power moves is ideal for our partnership.

I am prepared to realize my full potential as a young, well-known queen and businesswoman, and I want to assist others in doing the same.

Prepare for the hottest events and keep in mind that terrifying money does not make money!!! HA!!! You can bank on it!!! Let’s get started!!!”

MaximBet is currently operating in Colorado, and clients can purchase from them in eleven additional states, including Ontario, Canada.

MaximBet is the only company in the sports betting industry that offers participants prizes that money cannot purchase. The innovative cooperation with Minaj will help the company emphasize this idea even further.

The CEO of MaximBet, Daniel Graetzer, stated;

“Nicki is a global superstar, but we know her as a savvy entrepreneur.”

“We will cherish her contribution as a strategic counselor for MaximBet.

She created one of the world’s most powerful brands, and now she’s using the same skill and ingenuity to help us manage our lifestyle sports betting business. I am thrilled to be working with her since she is intelligent, enthusiastic, creative, and courageous.

No one else is more capable of helping us increase the popularity of this type of entertainment.”

Minaj is the most followed rapper on Instagram, the seventh most minded musician, and the 18th most-followed person globally. Minaj will be able to influence the magazine’s editorial, photography, profiles, covers, and forthcoming events as creative director of Maxim.

Minaj is one of the most famous and essential women in business and culture. Maxim receives more than 25 million monthly internet visitors, has a global circulation of 9 million, and is sold in 75 countries across six continents.

The head editor of Maxim, Sardar Biglari, stated:

“We are excited to be collaborating with Nicki Minaj. She is an outstanding businesswoman and the most talented artist of her time, two qualities that will alter Maxim.”

Minaj’s collaboration with Fendi quickly sold out everywhere in terms of commerce. By fusing art and fashion in her 2018 hit single “Chun-Li,” she revived the demand for Fendi logo print goods with a single lyric.

Minaj has recently had the same effect on Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Crocs, DSQUARED2, Marc Jacobs, and other labels; when she shares a picture of herself wearing an item on social media immediately sells out online.

Before her next tour and the release of her fifth studio album, NM5, Minaj made this declaration. She has earned “the highest-charting hip-hop release by a female rapper in 2022” with “Do We Have a Problem?”

It remained on the chart for thirteen weeks and was one of only three singles to receive RIAA Gold certification this year. Additionally, “Do We Have a Problem?” earned the “biggest first-week consumption of any song by a female lead artist in 2022.”

With “Do We Have A Problem?” (with Coi Leray), “Blick Blick” (with Fivio Foreign), and “We Go Up,” she has the number-one singles on the Billboard Digital Song Sales chart in 2022. (also with Fivio Foreign).

About Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has dominated the music, fashion, and beauty industries for almost a decade. She has made history and established her famous brand along the way.

Minaj was the first female artist to achieve 100 Billboard Hot 100 singles. She had the most entries for a female hip-hop act, 123. She also had 65 top-40 Hot 100 hits and 20 top-10 Hot 100 hits (another record among female hip-hop acts).

As a songwriter, she holds the record for “Most Billboard Hot 100 Entries by Women in the 2010s”. “Anaconda” by Nicki has lately received more than a billion YouTube views.

She is the first female rapper to accomplish this feat on a single track, and six of her music videos have already surpassed one billion views.

According to Luminate, more than 375 thousand copies of Pink Friday were sold in its first week of release. In 2020, the record will be ten years old. That was the best sales week for a female hip-hop artist since Lauryn Hill in 1998, and it hasn’t been surpassed since.

Nicki Minaj had two number one songs on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2020. This is ten years after Pink Friday launched her to widespread public recognition. Due to these factors, she will always be considered one of the most influential artists.

About MaximBet

MaximBet is owned by Carousel Group and managed by Maxim Magazine. It is an immersive entertainment and lifestyle experience that combines the best of online betting with the most popular real-world activities, all on one platform.

MaximBet provides players unprecedented access to celebrities, sportspeople, and influencers in person and online. This allows guests to genuinely experience the Maxim lifestyle regardless of where they reside or play.

Both Major League Baseball (MLB) and the National Basketball Association (NBA) have approved MaximBet (NBA).

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