Pragmatic Play Steps Up Gaming Experience With PowerUP Roulette

Pragmatic Play, a significant producer of iGaming content, has introduced PowerUP Roulette to its lineup of Live Casino games with a gameshow-like format.

The new game offers the iconic classic casino game of roulette a modern twist by including bonuses that allow players the opportunity to win extra rewards.

PowerUP Roulette is an innovative version of the popular casino game roulette. It provides a contemporary edge for live casino audiences. Up to five PowerUP bonus rounds increase players’ chances of winning, and the game is broadcast from a state-of-the-art studio.

As with other live casino games, PowerUP Roulette is streamed from the innovative studio of Pragmatic Play. The studio of the largest content provider employs 4K cameras with minimal latency for streaming. This provides clients with a realistic experience online.

PowerUP Roulette

Irina Cornides, the Chief Operating Officer of Pragmatic Play, remarked, “Our product portfolio includes a vast selection of games that give high-quality entertainment.

We provide our partners with not only traditional games but also games with new twists, player favorites transformed into immersive experiences, and better game mechanics that enable new ways to play that are entertaining for a wide variety of players.

PowerUP Roulette does not substantially alter the game’s rules. As with previous variations, this one is based on European Roulette.

There are 36 red and black numerals and one green zero upon which wagers may be placed. Multiple inside and outside wagers can be set to determine the winning number—the more the investment, the greater the return.

The bonus round distinguishes this Pragmatic Play game from the others. Following the conclusion of all wagers, the game selects up to five numbers to illuminate.

The ball must land on one of these PowerUP numbers for the bonus round to commence. Only straight-up wagers are eligible to win these additional prizes. You cannot play the PowerUP bonus round if you have placed extra inside or outside bets.

According to Cornides, the organization provides online players with various high-quality, distinctive entertainment possibilities. She stated that PowerUP Roulette is an essential game for the organization.

Cornides stated, “Our product portfolio is comprised of a variety of games that all seek to provide high-quality entertainment.”

If the ball lands on one of the pre-announced PowerUP numbers, the game proceeds with the PowerUP bonus round, where all straight-up bets can win additional rewards on top of what they have already earned.

Each time a PowerUP bonus round is played, the prize pool for the subsequent spin is doubled. Between 2,600x and 8,000x is the maximum possible payout in the fifth round.

She stated that the new game is a modernized version of a traditional casino game that complements Pragmatic Play’s increasing collection of live casino games.

Cornides stated that the firm now offers both old and new games, providing gamers with a complete experience. Lastly, she stated that new game mechanics make the game more entertaining and facilitate player interaction.

“With PowerUP Roulette, our research and production teams have come up with yet another brilliant concept that provides Live Casino users a fresh way to play a classic game.” she continued.

Why You Need to Try PowerUP Roulette?

The game designer already comprehensively explained how to earn multipliers or trigger many bonus rounds on a single spin.

We believe that when you receive a PowerUP bonus, the wheel re-spins to choose a new winning number. If the extra feature lands on a PowerUP number that has been previously displayed, it will level up.

The appearance of PowerUP Roulette is appealing, and Pragmatic Play has not yet disappointed. It contains the same fundamental roulette gameplay that we all know and love, but its PowerUP feature includes multipliers. If that isn’t enough to pique your curiosity, consider the possibility of winning up to 15,525 times your stake.

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