Queensland’s Star Casinos At It Again Over License Prober After Gotterson Review

Star Entertainment Group was given 21 days to explain why its Queensland casino licenses should not be revoked. It was reported last month that the corporation lacked the qualifications to operate its casinos in the Sunshine State.

A show cause notice was given to the subsidiaries of the $2.8 billion casino business, requesting an explanation of how they intend to alter their operations and executive class in Queensland.

According to the report, neither the Star Gold Coast nor the Treasury Brisbane is qualified to have casino licenses.

The Verdict

Robert Gotterson, a former Court of Appeal judge, offered 12 recommendations in his independent assessment, one of which was that Queensland’s casino rules should be modified immediately so that a special manager can be engaged to improve the supervision and integrity of casino operations.

Attorney General Shannon Fentiman stated, “The Gotterson Review uncovered significant issues with how The Star operates its casinos on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane.”

Ms. Fentiman stated, “We shouldn’t speculate on the outcome of these show cause notifications, but new rules ensure that the government will have several disciplinary alternatives after this process concludes, including additional fines of up to $100 million and the appointment of a special manager.”

In October, the attorney general stated that the investigation contained very important facts that damaged Star’s reputation, integrity, and moral compass.

According to Star, a notification from the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation of Queensland could result in a fine of up to A$100 million ($62.9 million), the cancellation or suspension of a license, or the hiring of a special manager to oversee the business.

The company’s survival hinges on the 2023 inauguration of a A$3.6 billion casino in Brisbane, the state capital.

The state of Queensland revoked Star’s gaming license last month after an investigation revealed that the company concealed unlawful payments from Chinese players and brought in problem gamblers from other states.

Show Cause Notices

State Attorney General Shannon Fentiman issued the judgment after an inquiry revealed that Star had disregarded its anti-money laundering and responsible gaming responsibilities and intentionally deceived regulators for financial gain.

Thursday, the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation issued a “show cause” letter to the corporation about its Treasury Brisbane and Star Gold Coast casino licenses.

Last month, Nicholas Weeks of Wexted Advisors assumed control of Star Sydney for at least 90 days after the NSW gambling regulator deemed Star’s “show-cause notice” insufficient.

Ms. Fentiman remarked that the new investigation results of Chow Tai Fook’s eligibility as a major shareholder in Star and Queens Wharf would be made public.

Ms. Fentiman published the Gotterson Review in June this year. The claims of money laundering, fraud, and criminal infiltration at Sydney’s Star Casino were made public during the New South Wales Bell investigation.

Last month, the NSW gaming regulator determined that Star had frequently breached the law, lied to banks, and allowed criminals to operate freely and gamble nearly without restriction. This led to the investigation.

Following the Queensland probe, former Judge Robert Gotterson stated that the company’s emphasis on producing money drove it to “grossly ignore” its anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing responsibilities.

The investigation revealed that Star deliberately pursued individuals banned from its venues in New South Wales and Victoria because it had “reason to believe they may have been involved in illicit activities” so that they would wager at its facilities in Queensland.

Mr. Gotterson also suggested restricting playing cards and limiting the amount of cash that can be traded.

Ms. Fentiman indicates that cashless gambling at Queensland casinos will also be included on the list of recommendations.

Star’s Brisbane license will be relocated when the $3.6 billion Queen’s Wharf casino opens in Brisbane’s central business district the following year.

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