Rivalry Ventures Into the Casino Gaming Niche With Their Crash Game

Rivalry Esports is a renowned esports betting site established in 2016. The business is one of the earliest and most reputable esports betting sites. It concentrates on competitive video games and provides gambling choices for those of legal betting age.

One of the top sports betting sections can be found at Rivalry, as it features entertaining sports such as Football, tennis, horse racing, and basketball on which you can wager.

In addition, the odds are quite favorable, which guarantees large prizes. The website also features a sophisticated live betting section with high-quality visuals and animation to keep you on the site for longer.

Recently, Rivalry Corp, the globally licensed sports betting and media corporation, has just revealed that it is now supplying its products to the casino industry.

The new offering, Aviator, is currently available online in licensed jurisdictions under the Isle of Man license. It will also be available in Ontario in the coming months. Aviator is a popular “crash” game that Rivalry players in these areas can now play and wager on.

Rivalry Going All Out

Steven Salz, Co-Founder and CEO of Rivalry, discussed and highlighted the company’s approach: to provide players with new material consistent with the Rivalry brand.

“With a solid foundation in esports betting and a flourishing company in traditional sports betting, we believe the next logical step is to provide casinos in a Rivalry-style. Aviator is an excellent pick for our first third-party casino game because it is straightforward, entertaining, and simple to master. Additionally, it supports live chat, which aligns with our emphasis on community.”

Aviator is based on a plane that takes off and flies higher and higher as the bet multiplier increases, eventually leaving the screen. Rivalry asserts that the game, controlled by a random number generator that can be demonstrated as fair, is risky but might be highly profitable.

The Aviator game is compatible with mobile and desktop platforms and allows players to cash out without delay.

The company stated that the multiplayer format and the ability to communicate with other players offer a social element. This is in contrast to the vast majority of online slot and casino games, which are more isolated and less enticing to young people.

Specifically, live chat distinguishes the game from the traditional online slot and casino games, which are less interesting to younger players because they are played alone.

The Expansion Continues

Earlier this year, Rivalry released Rushlane, an online casino game that combines online gambling and multiplayer gaming. It belongs to the company’s new Massively Multiplayer Online Gambling Games (MMOGG) category.

“The amount of people playing mobile games is skyrocketing throughout the world, and we believe mobile esports games will be among the most played, watched, and bet on in the years to come,” Salz said during the launch.

Rivalry stated, at the debut of Rushlane, that the MMOGG category and the new casino games would work well together “as part of a holistic effort to build engaging experiences.” In the following months, Rivalry intends to launch other casino games.

“Nowadays, practically everyone has a cell phone, but not everyone has a desktop computer or a home console that plays the latest games. As a result, the global mobile gaming environment is incredibly diverse and engaging. We believe that this platform will be successful in the long run.” Salz concluded during Rushlane’s launch.

During Aviator’s debut, the firm stated that adding a third-party casino product would provide significant potential for development. “With clients returning more frequently than at a sportsbook and no seasonality, it can provide more consistent athletic events throughout the year,” they explained.

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