Seabrook Casino Undergoing Change

The Brook is continuing its quest to see how much fun it can make the previously run-down dog track on Route 107 with additional activities, a renovated ballroom, an outside terrace, and an upcoming showroom.

“It’s a lot of fun,” said Andre Carrier, the Brook’s CEO and the COO of its parent business, Mesquite, Nevada-based Eureka Casino Resort. Seabrook Greyhound Park was purchased by Eureka in 2019, and Carrier has supervised the continual expansion of Brook’s gambling offerings and floor area since then.

The Brook features blackjack, roulette, craps, and a variety of other specialty table games, as well as a big cash poker room and a DraftKings Sportsbook for sports wagering, in addition to simulcast racing seven days a week. The Brook is debuting historic horse racing this weekend, in which participants wager on races that have actually taken place but with vital facts suppressed to keep the outcome a secret.

A new circular gaming area will be launched this week where there was formerly grandstand tiered seating. Carrier stated that while the room is 15,000 square feet, it is simply the first portion of the work being done this year. The floor will gradually grow to 45,000 square feet.

Taking Advantage of the Dog Track

This year, the Brook will use the dog track’s green for a range of nonprofit activities, from “cornhole games to curling,” according to Carrier. This year, the entire track will be manicured so that the infield may be used for events, according to him.

Carrier said the track will stay part of the Brook’s design, so the original scoreboards will remain up. A new terrace with a “jumbotron” television against the wall to watch sports has also been created, as well as a brand-new indoor ballroom with a view of the track, according to Carrier.

There’s a New Display Room Coming

Carrier said he intends to recruit performers that “don’t necessarily come to the Seacoast” to raise some “unique bucks” in the new show space for forthcoming events, which is still under construction. He wouldn’t tell who it was; all he said was that he “had to maintain certain surprises.”

When Eureka Greyhound Park bought Seabrook Greyhound Park, Carrier was 48 years old. Eureka stated at the time that they planned to revitalize the facility so that it could once again be a popular tourist destination.

The greyhound park has been open since 1973 and featured live greyhound racing until it was banned in 2008. It was on the verge of shutting in 2015, and the Kane Company came close to buying it for development that year, but the transaction fell through when Kane’s client Rand-Whitney dropped out owing to zoning issues.

Carrier claims that the Brook has given the park new vitality and has “completely redesigned” it. Carrier estimates that just roughly ten acres of the property’s 75 acres have been developed thus far, not including the parking lots.

The Charity has Raised $5 Million

Carrier, a native of New Hampshire, began his career in casinos 30 years ago and joined Eureka in 2007. He spends around 40% of his time in New Hampshire and the balance of his time in Nevada. When he’s in town, he resides in Portsmouth, and his parents still live in northern New Hampshire.

Carrier stated that the Brook is happy to have collected $5 million for charity since its inception. New Hampshire permits gambling on the provision that 35% of the earnings go to charity, and Carrier said the Brook has accepted this approach. Unlike other New England states, New Hampshire lawmakers have decided against allowing a significant casino, but Carrier said the Brook is not waiting on that to happen.

The casino’s charitable contributions also help to finance gambling and drug addiction treatments. Despite the stigma associated with gambling, charity gaming, according to Carrier, is a net gain for communities. He claims that the Brook’s expansion has resulted in a massive increase in donations to charity, which he intends to continue.

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