Stakelogic Live Gets The Green Light and Kicks Off New Game With BetCity

BetCity is the first game introduced by Stakelogic Live, a part of the same-named firm, to the Dutch gaming market.

Super Stake Roulette 5,000X is the first game show created by the top live casino-entertainment company. Only BetCity clients in the Netherlands will be permitted to play for the next thirty days. It will after that be accessible everywhere.’s chief executive officer, Melvin Bostelaar, stated;

“Stakelogic Live creates live casino games that are highly engaging and enjoyable to play; therefore, it made perfect sense to debut Super Stake Roulette 5,000X for our players.”

Super Stake Roulette 5,000X is based on the Super Stake function developed by Stakelogic. This feature allows players to double their wager in an attempt to activate one of the game’s extra features.

This version of roulette has the same principle, and players have the option of starting a feature that increases straight-up wagers by fifty percent.

“This is a unique live dealer game, and we can’t wait to see players employ Super Stake to win enormous sums of money,” Melvin added.

The exclusive launch with strengthens the studio’s partnership with the leading operator. Those who have previously played Stakelogic slot machines know the Super Stake function. Currently, it is a component of the game show Stakelogic Live.

It allows players to double their straight-up wagers for a greater chance of activating a bonus feature.

First Game Show

The central component of the game is a wheel with 37 numbered spots. 0 (green) and the numerals 1 through 36 are separated into 18 red and 18 black numbers. Every time the roulette wheel spins, random silver and gold numbers are displayed on the screen behind it.

Additionally, when the Super Stake is activated, players can win multipliers of up to x1,000 on the Gold Numbers or activate the Money Wheel bonus, where they can win up to 5,000 times their straight-up wager.

They stated;

“This demonstrates how well we work together and how we are the finest provider of live dealer content in the Netherlands and worldwide.”

Melvin Bostelaar remarked;

“Super Stake Roulette 5,000X is a thrilling game that will keep you on the edge of your seat due to the silver and gold numbers and the immediate win multipliers that correspond to each one.”

Straight-up wagers on Super Stake Roulette have 1- 5 Silver Numbers with a maximum multiplier of 750X and pay 29:1. If you activate Super Stake, your straight-up wagers will be increased by 50 percent, allowing you to earn even more multipliers.

The Super Stake feature allows the player to earn up to a 1,000X Multiplier on the Gold Numbers or initiate the Money Wheel feature to win up to 5,000X the straight-up bet.

Super Stake Roulette 5,000X is an intriguing game that will keep you on the edge of your seat due to the silver and gold numbers and the accompanying quick win multipliers.

The wheel used in Super Stake Roulette 5,000X is a traditional European wheel. Behind the roulette wheel is a screen displaying silver and gold numbers randomly each time the wheel spins. However, between 1 and 5, Silver Numbers with multipliers of up to x750 will be selected in each round.

The Live Money Wheel Bonus round is where the real action begins, and those who activate Super StakeTM have a significantly greater chance of winning the game’s top rewards.”

BetCity CEO Melvin Bostelaar stated;

“Stakelogic Live creates fascinating and engaging live casino games, so it made perfect sense for us to provide Super Stake Roulette 5,000X to our players first.”

“This is a unique type of live dealer game, and we can’t wait to watch players use Super StakeTM to win enormous amounts of money.”

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