Steve Wynn Accepts a Settlement to Drop Case

In order to put an end to his federal defamation lawsuit against a prominent attorney who represented a dancer who claimed that Wynn engaged in sexual harassment and retaliation against her, former Las Vegas casino mogul Steve Wynn has accepted a financial settlement that has not been made public. The settlement amount has not been disclosed.

In March 2018, Los Angeles attorney Lisa Bloom issued a press release in which she said that she was representing a lady who was alleging improper conduct on the part of Wynn. In the statement, Bloom stated that she had now repudiated and withdrawn the charges that she had made.

The dollar amount of the settlement was obscured in the paper before it was presented to the United States District Judge James Mahan in Las Vegas. The document was signed by Wynn and Bloom. On Monday, the court gave the arrangement his stamp of approval and dismissed the case.

What is Wynn’s Defense?

According to the settlement statement, Bloom wants to set the record straight and clarify that there has been no evidence produced to suggest that Steve Wynn gave illegal instructions to dancers or that he was aware of any such instructions.

Neither Bloom nor the lawyers who defended her in the federal lawsuit in Nevada responded quickly to queries made by phone and email requesting comment. Gloria Allred, an attorney who is renowned nationwide for her work in the field of women’s rights and discrimination, is Bloom’s mother.

Wynn, who is 80 years old, issued a statement in which he expressed his satisfaction with the arrangement and declared the subject to be completely resolved.

Less than two months after the Wall Street Journal published an article alleging that Wynn had harassed or attacked a number of women, Wynn requested a jury trial and damages of at least $75,000 in compensation. Wynn has, on many occasions, strongly refuted charges of sexual misconduct.

What did this Lead to?

In February of 2018, he handed in his resignation as chairman and CEO of the firm that bears his name, Wynn Resorts, and sold his interests in the business. He has settled down in Florida.

The action that Wynn has brought against Bloom was initiated in April of 2018. Bloom’s request to have the case thrown out by Mahan was refused, and she filed an appeal. However, in March of 2021, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco sent it back to Mahan for further consideration.

The accusations of impropriety leveled against Wynn have given rise to other legal actions and punishments. According to a decision handed down by the Nevada Supreme Court a month ago, state casino regulators still have the authority to reprimand Wynn and levy a fine of up to $500,000 for alleged sexual misconduct in the workplace.

The attorneys for Wynn contend that their client no longer has any connections to the casino business, and thus the state Gaming Commission does not have the jurisdiction to penalize him. This is something that the attorneys have really pressed hard within the trial.

What about the Misconduct Allegations?

In 2019, the commission levied a supplemental sanction of $20 million against Wynn Resorts for the company’s failure to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct made against Wynn prior to his resignation.

For failing to report sexual misconduct claims against Wynn when the firm filed for a license for a casino in the Boston region, Massachusetts regulators levied an additional punishment of $35 million against the corporation and a fine of $500,000 against the company’s senior executive.

In November 2019, Wynn Resorts agreed to pay $20 million in damages on behalf of Wynn and an additional $21 million on behalf of insurance carriers in order to settle shareholder lawsuits that accused company directors of failing to disclose misconduct allegations. The lawsuits were filed against the company.

In addition, Steve Wynn is in the process of filing a defamation lawsuit against the Associated Press and an AP writer over a piece that was written regarding the statements that were made to the Las Vegas police department by two women who accused Steve Wynn of sexual misconduct.

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