The Battle Between Supports and Opposers Continues as Las Vegas Sands Bets the House on the Nassau Casino Proposal

New York’s thriving sports betting industry and potential casino industry can’t escape the spotlight. However, Las Vegas Sands faces heavy criticism, despite its refusal to back down from the fight.

A Coalition of Opposers Rally Against the Casino Proposal


Most business venture ideas have positives and negatives, especially when the proposal affects residents and multiple communities. Just like the many sports betting initiatives the industry has seen in the post-PASPA era, these bills cannot appease everyone.

Residents of Nassau County have founded the Say No to the Casino Civic Association, which is not affiliated with any political party. Over the last few weeks, this petition has been viewed by many, and similar petitions have appeared.

The commercial casino site will be at the site of Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, and community leaders have strongly opposed the idea. If the company succeeds in the uphill battle, it will have the authority to control 80 acres of land.

Many of these giant casino brands have been getting help from lobbyists during this year’s legislative session. Many of these lobbying groups have been a part of this lucrative push, and many political figures and experts wonder if these companies fully disclose the amount of money these brands spend.

In addition, these corporations will not only be subject to hefty fines but something even more severe if any abnormal activity is discovered. Even though many prominent figures don’t support any form of betting, they have taken numerous meetings in the last few months.


What Are Some of the Glaring Issues For Surrounding Communities?


As part of the latest rally in Mineola, the Say No to the Casino Civic Association led call-and-response chants such as “Say no to the casino, say yes to our children,” and “Say no to gambling addiction, say no to the casino.”

City Mayor-elect Mary Carter Flanagan has raised concerns revolving around the casino’s proposal because of addiction, increased crime, drunk driving, and other problems that can directly correlate to a casino.

The area is also home to K-12 schools, Nassau Community, Hofstra University, and Adelphi University. Hofstra has already geared itself to oppose the proposal because most of the local students aren’t 21 or older.

Why Supporters Advocate For the Proposed Project?


On the other side of the spectrum, many residents of Long Island and some business owners have advocated for the proposal. The picture is clear, and casinos would create more business all year round.

Restaurant owners believe the gaming facilities would drive more customers to their establishments. Many small businesses have yet to recover from the pandemic and need every bit of business to stay afloat in many cases.

Building casinos and hotels would simply make more jobs available in the area. Due to high living costs, many young people have fled the area. Overall, many in the Empire State have relocated to other states due to the high level of competition for jobs in the state.

Although it’s all speculation, the casino market would most likely bring in more revenue for the state than sports betting. The average sports betting volume slows down during the summer months as the NBA and NHL seasons come to an end.

Just by taking notes from neighboring states such as Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, online and commercial casinos are available all year round and generate an absurd amount of revenue. By the end of the month, the county Legislature will vote on the proposed casino.

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