The Millennials Get their Crypto Game from BGaming and DuelBits

Duelbits debuted in February of 2020. It is a casino and sports betting platform using cryptocurrency. Players can choose from a variety of new games and limited-time offers. Additionally, they may obtain the finest odds on European soccer, eSports, and live casino tables.

The platform’s objective is to bridge the gap between bookies and casinos. Even though Crypto gaming is Duelbits’ primary focus, it is also the most rewarded crypto casino and sportsbook, with fast payments that can be made via cards, e-wallets, and cryptocurrency.

It also allows players to deposit with credit cards and PayPal, allowing them to choose their preferred method.

Members receive over 50 percent Rakeback on daily, weekly, and monthly wages, in addition to a 10 percent referral commission for each new player they introduce. In addition, the best players on the daily and monthly leaderboards will also get guaranteed cash prizes, with weekly payments of up to $19,000.

Duelbits facilitates registration and payment with bitcoin. Typically, you are not required to authenticate your identity. This means you may begin playing Duelbits immediately.

About the Game

BGaming is a rapidly expanding game provider that turns gambling into a game. The studio creates fresh and engaging products that are marketed on well-known platforms and in more than 700 online casinos worldwide, thanks to a great staff and a strategy that puts the player first. BGaming is a rapidly expanding igaming content provider.

It has expanded its content arrangement with Duelbits crypto casino and sportsbook by creating a branded, exclusive slot with the casino’s team. In addition, BGaming was the first firm in the world to accept bitcoins and offer provably fair games. Today, the company offers over eighty items with HD visuals and an intuitive UI.

Duelbits Quest is modeled after one of BGaming’s slot machines. It features a typical five-reel, three-row grid with 25 pay lines and various intriguing bonuses. The branded game utilized accurate mathematics and featured engaging elements such as in-game jackpots, a free spin game, coin respin, and the well-known Buy Bonus function.

The game was developed in close collaboration with the Duelbits team to fulfill the needs of the crypto casino crowd: youthful players with a deep understanding of technology who need individualized experiences.

NFTs or Bitcoin?

In online casino gaming for real money, the significance of non-fungible tokens is frequently discussed. In the shadow of Bitcoin, NFTs are a fading trend, according to one perspective. However, others believe that NFTs are cutting-edge technology that may be used to attract more players, generate more revenue, and improve the user experience.

Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) are digital items designed to be exclusive and difficult to acquire. However, because they employ the same technology as cryptocurrencies, they can be transferred between individuals (blockchain). Art, music, books, tickets, and sports assets are examples of non-financial assets.

Various NFTs are well-known for various reasons. Therefore, each NFT has its method of identification. So that you may discover in real-time who owns the original version of each NFT and track it; on the other side, the value of NFTs depends on their uniqueness, rarity, cultural relevance, use, etc.

A Word From the Corporate World

“It is not a novel concept to create custom games. But game developers and operators have traditionally considered market solutions difficult to comprehend and expensive. We overcame all obstacles and are producing high-quality branded games rapidly while maintaining a high level of customization.” BGaming’s director of business development, Alexandr Shavel, stated.

By creating branded and unique games, casino operators may deepen their relationships with players and increase total engagement and GGR by around 30 percent for each title.

Increasingly, crypto and fiat casinos are beginning to accept this as true. Now, BGaming creates between three and five branded and exclusive monthly games for its partners.

“Duelbits is constantly seeking innovative ways to maintain customer engagement. Therefore, we are ecstatic to collaborate with BGaming on the debut of this fascinating new online casino slot game that offers a whole new universe of opportunities.” Duelbits’ casino and sportsbook made a statement.

“Our dedicated customers have always favored our one-of-a-kind products because they enjoy the exclusive Duelbits experience. We cannot wait to hear the opinions of our players regarding this new offering. The gameplay and the Duelbits brand complement each other that customers will adore.”

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