TVBET Announced the Launch of Live Lottery Game Spin2Wheels

TVBET, the firm with the most live TV games globally, has announced the launch of a new live game called Spin2Wheels. The new product can already be implemented, and bettors can learn more about it by visiting the provider’s website and navigating the demo section.

TVBET, a provider of B2B services, is adding new games to its portfolio. The TVBET games kit currently has sixteen live goods of superior quality.

The most recent development by the service was the creation of Spin2Wheels, a novel, and engaging live lottery. It is a new type of Live Game with two wheels of fortune, one of which is more straightforward than the other.

This function makes betting on multiple events more entertaining and enhances the potential payout.

The game’s rules are simple to comprehend. In the games, two wheels of fortune are utilized. Both wheels are composed of equal sections of various colors and are numbered.

Wheel 1 has 36 digits, whereas Wheel 2 has 18 digits. The wheels begin to rotate in opposite directions and halt according to random chance. The television host announces the number and color of each section.

Spin2Wheels offers a variety of wagering possibilities, including wagering on the number that will be drawn, the color, the range, and even/odd. The best aspect of the game is the ability to combine the outcomes of two wheels, which increases the overall odds.

Spin2Wheels is a new game that appears to be entertaining and engaging. The game offers wins and up to three progressive jackpots. Before each game, wagers can be placed on the current game and the games that will follow.

TVBET is continually adding new products to its catalog. It now offers 16 online card games and lotteries that are quick and simple.

All games are broadcast seven days a week, 24 hours a day, from a single studio in Warsaw. The majority of players are already familiar with the games they play. Because the rules are straightforward, they adhere to them.

There are also fixed and in-play (live) betting options, the opportunity to put single or express bets, bet on up to ten events in advance, three-level jackpots, free bets, and a host of additional perks to keep customers coming back.

Combining Two Events At The Same Time

Spin2Wheels is TVBET’s most recent and entertaining live game. It includes two reels that spin in opposite directions, allowing players to wager on two different events simultaneously and earn more money as a consequence.

The first wheel has 36 segments, while the second has 18. Each portion on each wheel is numbered and colored, including blue, green, yellow, and red sections. A black star symbolizes something unusual.

Both wheels simultaneously begin to rotate in opposite directions. The spin’s outcome is determined by chance when the wheels halt, while the TV host announces the numbers and colors of the sectors on both wheels.

Players may wager on the upcoming number, its color, its range, and whether or not it will be an odd or even number. Additionally, they can combine the outcomes of both wheels to boost their chances of winning. Before each spin, wagers can be placed on both the upcoming spin and the subsequent spins.

Spin2Wheels, a new live lottery game with up to three prizes, promises to be fun and engaging. The game expanded TVBET’s selection of live games broadcast from a single studio in Warsaw, Poland.

TVBET was formed in 2016 by a group of iGaming experts led by Peter Korpusenko, also the company’s founder and CEO. The launch of the new game is the most recent step in the company’s expansion.

Expanding Global Footprint

The debut of the new game is the most recent development in TVBET’s expansion since its inception in 2016. Peter Korpusenko, the creator and CEO of TVBET, assembled a team of iGaming specialists before the site’s 2016 launch.

In April, TVBET debuted Polish Poker, an exclusive live poker game for Polish players. The company then attended ICE London 2022 and reached an agreement with GoBet to extend its presence in Poland.

Over 170 partners and 400 websites in Europe, the CIS, Africa, Latin America, and Asia broadcast TVBET’s live game catalog. Due to the company’s expansion, it now has offices in Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Cyprus, and Russia with over 200 people.

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