U.S. Casino’s $100 Million Expansion

Gun Lake Casino has added a $100 investment. The Casino is located on U.S. 131 near Wayland off exit 61 between Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo. The expansion features 131 Sportsbar and Lounge and additional new restaurants. 

The casino expanded on a 72,000 square foot area to boost its sporting event and extra gaming space. The new space has exciting fire-lit entertainment and dining space with enhanced exteriors. Guests can now place wagers on sporting events, thanks to the recent launch.

The launch was pomp and color with representation from Gun Lake Tribe’s Council and casino executives yesterday on Friday. 17th September. Gun Lake Casino emphasized that the dining option was the goal behind the expansion.

Sal Semola, the president and chief operating officer of Gun Lake Casino, said, “This expansion reinforces Gun Lake Casino’s position as a premier entertainment and gaming destination in the Midwest. Each of these new venues blends the highest dining quality with a unique entertainment experience that will resonate deeply with each guest. We are very grateful for the Gun Lake Tribe’s continued commitment to the property and the team members that make Gun Lake Casino a true standard of excellence in service, hospitality and entertainment.”

“Craft, Bar, Kitchen”

Gun Lake Casino confirmed that the new venture operates a CBK, meaning, “Craft, Bar, Kitchen”. The new restaurant will serve farm-to-table meals and will feature outdoor space. They are more than 100 quality beer offerings offered in bottles, cans and on draught.

The exponential 131 Sportsbar and Lounge will be home for live music, comedy and sports entertainment. The outstanding phase offers guests a platform to watch sports events in an excellent view; floor to ceiling LED video walls with 180-degree panoramic views. The outdoor section has an outstanding outdoor patio with fantastic viewing options. 

“As a Tribal Citizen and a member of this community, I am proud to watch the growth of Gun Lake Casino,” Gun Lake Tribe Chairman Bob Peters said during the launch. “With each new amenity and expansion, we increase our ability to contribute to the wellbeing of the community and our Tribal Citizens.”

With this investment, Gun Lake Casino is now worth $415 million. The Casino hosts new 450 slots machines and more electronic table games. The new facility has a beautiful curb appeal from the south side, close to 129th Avenue. Accessing the new restaurant and entertainment facility is now more accessible than ever. It is a calm atmosphere with attractive surroundings. 

Gun Lake Casino is Worthwhile in Michigan

The presence of the casino in Michigan is an added advantage. It has paid over $100 million with the State of Michigan, according to Tribe’s Gaming Compact. The local community will enjoy a whopping $37.9 million and close to $20 million directed to the Michigan Economic 

Development Corporation. The casino’s effects affect every economic sector, especially among the local schools, law enforcement, and local municipalities. 

This project is the first phase of a $300 million investment. The project’s announcement happened back in April this year, stating in the announcement, “Envisioned for those seeking the ultimate entertainment and resort experience in Michigan, the expansion will add approximately 250,000 square feet and extend the property west toward U.S. 131.”

The president and chief operating officer, Sal Semola, commit to keep the casino’s reputation high and make it known as a leading gaming destination. He said of the casino, “As a vital business in Allegan County, we recognize our ability to invest in our local community. The elevation of our offered amenities drives our economy through tourism and directly impacts the livelihood of local citizens through the development of new job opportunities.”

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